Nutrition and Diet

If we want to describe healthy eating with a single sentence, it can be as follows: “Consuming foods with high nutritional value which contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins in the amounts that need to be taken daily in order to preserve health, feel good and energize our body”.

Healthy eating is important for people of all ages. Healthy nutrition is necessary to keep a healthy weight level; it is necessary for brain, heart and other organs to perform their functions; it is also vital for feeling good and making the body healthy and strong.

A diet lacking vitamins and minerals, containing too much protein, carbohydrate or fat, can increase the risk of developing various diseases that can lead to a vitamin and mineral deficiency. In our nutrition and diet department, nutrition plans are provided for infants, children, adults, elderly, pregnant/lactating and obese/thin people. In addition, all kinds of nutrition services are provided, including nutritional treatment for diseases.

Services Provided in Nutrition and Diet Department

  • Personalized and healthy weight loss, weight gain and weight protection programs.
  • Medical nutrition treatments in diseases.
  • Weight control and follow-up during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Medical nutrition therapy during pregnancy diabetes.
  • Nutritional follow-up in childhood and adolescence obesity

Doctor of Nutrition and Diet Department

Specialist Dt. İlksen Sena AKIN ÜNLÜ

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