Human Resources

Our human resources policy is to employ qualified manpower in accordance with the vision, mission and corporate values of our hospital; to evaluate human resources in the most efficient way; to help employees improve their service quality and efficiency in line with their corporate objectives by developing their knowledge, skills and experience in personal, professional and social fields; and to organize training programs for this purpose and to reveal the areas where our personnel are strong or need to develop.

To implement our human resources management policy effectively, we have adopted the basic philosophy that all our managers should also be a “Human Resources Manager”. For this purpose, we organize continuous trainings and meetings with the department managers to share the important knowledge and competencies related to human resources management.

As one of the pioneering health institutions in Istanbul, we aim to achieve corporate success, not individual success. We believe that we will reach our targets only with knowledgeable, experienced, service-oriented employees who love their profession. In order to contribute to the development and motivation of our employees with our training, performance appraisal and career planning activities, we are moving towards becoming a preferred hospital and employer by focusing on our personnel as they are not only employees but also a social element.

Application Form


You can apply for a job by filling out the job application form that you can reach via Our Hospital’s Website site or by following our open announcements on Yenibiriş website. Candidates who are eligible for our open positions are invited to the interview process by the human resources department. Job offers are submitted by the human resources to the candidates who are successful in the interview process. All job applications to our institution are kept in our database for a period of six months.