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Improper lighting, Eye Boz

Wrong-lit environments for a long time to spend time reviewing dryness, headaches and can cause eye fatigue. Sunlight from the least utilized in winter, increasing the time spent under illumination. Correct in terms of eye health

lighting, indicating the great importance voters Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Haluk Tali also drew attention to this point, and "every part of the room's light used in the office is supposed to be distributed homogenously. The brightness of the work surface, viewed object must be considered to be at least one-third of the brightness. Therefore, the overall light emitting illumination in an office environment, we recommend the selection of fluorescent or compact fluorescent fixtures. While providing direct lighting such as halogen lights and spotlights to emphasize just be sure to use the desired point, "he said.


Particularly in the light of the order of children's work in the development environment Open era that you need to plan well. Dr. Tali, "the desk at the show its true colors as daylight lighting all children, it is important to maintain eye health and work tirelessly to ensure long. Few long-running children's eyes get tired quickly under light or non-halogen lighting. Read this case is good to see, can lead to such conclusions quickly get bored and slow detection. Therefore, attention should be paid to the working environment must be directly reflected in her eyes bright and light, "he said.


Open the television for eye health is certainly also expressed that should not be followed in the dark. Dr. Tale of the reasons explained: "The TV screen is too bright, tired eyes when the environment is dark. Especially the part where the television in terms of balancing the light has to be in good lighting. The selection of incandescent halogen lamps, also known as saving lamps in our homes would be appropriate. But this light of the naked and light and should not be used directly in the eye.


Lights heats. Overheating may cause dryness of the eyes. Dryness, redness of the eyes, as if we had installed and can cause stinging and burning sand. As a precaution against dry eye direct light should avoid environments where contact with the eyes, but by washing it is not possible to face our common, applying cold compresses or we can stop the drying our tears with tears. "

In some susceptible individuals, direct eye contact as well as the light can trigger migraine attacks, "Some people come out the direct light can trigger migraine attacks. Migraine pain can afford it with people they think they feel pain in their eyes, but the main reason is migraine. Such eyes of the people, must necessarily protection from direct light, "he warned.