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What is infertility?

What is infertility?
1 year protection in case of married couples be known as infertility, infertility denir.y new people in this situation if pregnancy occurs

What are the types of infertility?
There are two types of primary and secondary
Primary infertility married couples who have previously not had a pregnancy.

Secondary Infertility spent before the pregnancy resulted in childbirth, or a low-pairs are available.


What occurs for reasons such as infertility?
Infertility in men than women, although married couples, or both, depending on the mevcuttur.baz oluşabilir.ned a new group known to be a problem identified in 20-30% of infertility is present in any of the individual.

What are the risk factors for the occurrence of infertility?
Hormonal disorders, infections, cigars, alcohol use, consanguinity, advanced maternal or paternal age, anatomical genital tract disorders are among the main reasons.

What is the age İnfetilit the connection?
It is difficult for the parents to have children at an advanced age; especially the mother's age is greater than 35, making it difficult to become pregnant.

What is the incidence of infertility in our society?
In connection with the age and physical condition would not be right to give a specific frequency rate değişir.toplumsal.

How is the disease diagnosed?
1 year of diagnosis couples without children but actively tried direct konulabilir.b case just some laboratory studies should be done immediately.

What are the treatments for infertility? How long does the average treatment?
Infertility treatments treatment for 3 months until saptanmasıdır.ned why uygulanır.ilk uygulanır.ilk stage ovarian accelerator used drugs gradually.