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Pregnancy Follow-Up And Laboratory Tests

What tests should be done when a normal pregnancy?


pregnancy before a person go to a gynecologist is the ideal way to stay informed and be pregnant after the examination. However, very few women become pregnant with medical supervision before pregnancy


And follow-up examinations should be done in weeks according to gestational age in normal pregnancy following can be listed as follows.


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             The first examination: 6-8 weeks

Primarily consists of positive blood or urine pregnancy test done J3-HCG pregnancy is diagnosed. In the first pregnancy visit mothers are treated like a check-up from.



Ultrasound (preferably through the vagina)
Blood groups, Rh
Complete blood count
Blood biochemistry
TORCH screening
Urinalysis, urine culture and sensitivity needed me
Cervicovaginal smear (PAP smear)
Bleeding profile
Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, AIDS screening

2. examination: 10-13. week

Nuchal translucency (nuchal translucency, NT)
1st trimester screening test

3. examination: 16-18. week

Ultrasound (anomaly scan)
II. Trimester screening test (triple test, Triple test)
Amniocentesis (if necessary)

4. examination: 22-24. week

• Ultrasound (anomaly scan)


5. examination: 24-28. week

Complete blood count
50 g glucose challenge test
28 weeks indirect Coombs test (in which the blood incompatibility)

6. examination: 32 weeks

• General ultrasound evaluation of


7. examination: 34 weeks

• General ultrasound evaluation of


8. examination: 36 weeks

• General ultrasound evaluation of


9. examination: 38 weeks

Ultrasound (biophysical profile if necessary)
NST (non-stress test)
Doppler ultrasound (if necessary)
• Complete blood count, urine analysis, the HBs Ag, anti-HBs, HCV, HIV, TORCH tests necessary tests again



Follow between 39-42 weeks

Ultrasound (biophysical profile if necessary)
NST (38-40. Week from once a week, after a 3 day 40.hafta)
Vaginal examination (touch)
Pregnant women are informed about the signs and day of birth is given detailed information about the upcoming birth mothers.

There are benefits for the evaluation was seen after 40 weeks pregnant twice a week until the birth.

In the beginning of the birth until 41 weeks pregnant should be initiated in the hospital birth