Waist and Neck Pain

Slipped Disc

What is a Herniated Disc? What are the symptoms?


             The most common cause of low back pain with leg pain is a herniated disc occurs.
             The human spine allows the body of the upright. "Spinal column" vertebrae, discs and comprise bond. Located in the middle of the vertebrae in a bony canal is located spinal cord. In addition, two vertebrae of the holes in the side, remove the nerve roots as thick power cables. These nerves provide the sense of place going to the separate parts of the body and its movement.
             "Drive" is surrounded by a solid, stable fiber bundle. In the middle of the disc, there is a core part of the consistency of soft and jelly. The task of the disc is like a restraining pads.
             Spine can be compared to cars of the shock absorbers. Protects the spinal cord and nerves from overwhelming shock. However softness lost the disc with aging, restraining the pads lose time task. Consequently hard disk surrounding the fiber bundle may tear. Middle of the gel-like, but now makes the press one of the hardened core is able to escape and nerve roots. In Herniated Disc (disc hernia) is called. Ulnar nerve of the leg until the shot to severe pain (sciatica) and causes of back pain.


             Who is more common in 2.Bel Hernia?


             Disk found in the language of medicine called hernia Hernia of the community prevalence is as high as one in ten. Herniated disc between 35-50 years of age and most often is seen in both sexes equally. Due to the backbone structure of tall hernia risk of developing more. Workers in heavy work, housewives, longer have to sit the rest desk staff, drivers, continuous standing teachers, pharmacists, professions such as waiters, outdoor workers, intensive stressed executives are the segments most likely to develop hernia.


             3.Bel Hernia How does it occur?


             When we examine the spine, we see that the best protection systems may be placed into the spine. Cartilage between the bones of the spine has been placed a disc. These discs work like shock absorbers absorb the load on the car wheels.
             Here are the backbone of the spine herniated disc tissue called cartilage discs between the spinal cord elastic sheath sliding forward due to compression of the nerves and leading to various parts of the legs are formed by compression. Sometimes a sudden force, lifting something heavy, even üşütül of the adverse action or lumbar herniated disc can cause. However, the most important cause of hernia is extremely tense muscles after a long period of stress and tensions.


             4.Bel Symptoms of Hernia?


             One or both legs hitting pains, numbness in the feet, movement limitations, difficulty in walking and sitting, advanced stage in impotence, fatigue, urinary incontinence, instability and inability to walk


             5.Bel Hernia Diagnosis How to Kona?


             Today's most modern diagnostic methods; Magnetic Resonance (MR) can easily diagnose the hernia is provided and the degree can be determined.


             6.Bel Treatment of Hernia What is it? In cases in which surgery is recommended?

             Treatment of herniated disc herniation, that depends on the degree of his press on the nerves going to the leg elastic material we drive too. If only the waist and leg pain is present, any numbness, loss of power, limitation of movement or herniated disc is in the early stages. In this case, the granting of patient muscle relaxant medication, bed rest, and are encouraged to refrain from action to force the waist.

- Break off and become part of the free part of the hernia
- Severe leg pain, inability to walk
- In the leg, standing power loss
- Loss of sexual power


Low back pain is usually composed of muscle strain ties in the back muscles or spine - depending on the skeleton of the nerve roots or the spinal cord are formed due to compression of pain-jam. Most commonly occurs due to the involvement of muscle and connective mechanical low back pain are pain we say. Only 1% of which depends on the involvement of nerve roots back pain patients (herniated disc) are shown. 80% of the global population can occur at any stage of life. Pain can be seen in 55-90% of adults and can be improved independent of the treatment of acute episodes of pain six weeks. Despite recurrent low back pain is a problem of increase and decrease. Chronic low back pain is seen in 5% of all cases.

The health of the spinal cord and nerve roots in the lumbar region and left as providing the movement and sensation of our legs and our genitals. Between our vertebrae and discs that cushion the time we losing the quality of the cartilage tissue, compressing the nerve root by entering the channel from where the spine is called a herniated disc. Hernia constitutes 1% of all back pain. First, severe back pain, radiating pain in the leg revealed later. Despite treatment with bed rest and some painkillers, not exceeding pain, social life is affected by paralysis and standing out in the patients who underwent surgery developed rapidly these days, the patient soon return to the old life. Treatment of delayed cases other cases, pain and paralysis is permanent.


25% of hernia among diseases that cause loss of life, labor -Operating seen. If these patients sometimes loss of labor is prolonged up to 6 months and during this period the ratio of how much space is reduced to return to full capacity in previous jobs.
-Life Of people who had low back pain once a certain period of 1/3 is also developing a herniated disc and sciatica pain shot up emerges.
-Life You between 30-50 years of age have a higher risk of developing a hernia. After more than 60 years, depending on multiple migrated herniated disc, stenosis is another clinical case we say.
-Men Is no difference in the rate of developing disease among women. However, during pregnancy, especially the result of increased pressure in the lumbar spine to be overweight, the risk is higher.
Cis those disease occurs at a higher rate and treatment is more difficult.
-Non-Smoking as a cause of the deterioration of the torn cartilage nutrition, there is a negative impact on recovery.
Disease detection rate of occupational groups is sometimes more: Heavy-duty body burden and the professions, using the car for a long time, sitting at a desk jobs requiring constant.
-Sosyo- Cultural differences are common in people with the disease is higher than found in any stage, treatment is more likely.
-Regulation in exercising, especially the lower back and abdominal muscles are less common disease in developed person.




Clinical examination, direct x-ray, MRI (Magnetic Resonance), CT (Computed Tomography) is often used. We also rarely need the electrophysiological examination of nerve EMG

                 SURGICAL TREATMENT:

Surgical techniques known to this day:
   Classic discectomy
   UmUdUr endoscopic discectomy.

For us, it is now a thing of history classic discectomy. Endoscopic discectomy and microdiscectomy are methods should be preferred. Patients return to work as soon as possible, these methods meet the greatest expectations of patients undergo such a comfortable convalescence after surgery is reducing future at least in Oranýný hernia recurrence. Kullanılmaktadırh in both hernia surgery in our hospital performed two surgeries and tastes by considering the advantages and disadvantages of self, you are the most suitable is selected and implemented.