Waist and Neck Pain

Neck Hernia

1.Bo's What causes hernia?

             Seven vertebrae in the neck that keeps our bones have cartilage from disk. That's right, the jelly-like fluid overflow of the spinal cord or nerves inside the disc causes the neck hernia. Sudden movements, the commute in traffic accidents in the neck muscles to overload, unconscious sports, still life makes neck hernia.


             2.Nasıl watch the symptoms?

             Or single lever with neck pain can be pain. Depending on the pressure on the nerves in the hands of patients are found to muscle loss. Retention capacity decreases. For example, can not hold a pen in his hand. Ahead of chest pain hit in the lower level of the scapula may occur. Therefore, the patient thinks that the heart problem. In addition, proceeds neck hernia occurs when thinning in the patient's arm.


             How to 3.Bo neck pain caused by a hernia?

             In fact, as I think the neck hernia is not the most common cause of neck pain. Only about 10-20 percent of the origin of pain in neck and neck hernia. If patients with pain in the neck hitting arm, began with loss of muscle strength is definitely neck hernia if you have numbness in fingers.


             4.Tutul malaria may be more serious problems such as hernia is often happening?

             For Sure. In particular, these complaints are very long rest at the computer. Therefore, the appearance of experts and benefit from doing some exercises.


             5.Bo hernia how to create problems?
             Partial paralysis occurs. For example, patients may become not use their hands.


             How is the diagnosis of hernia 6.Bo?
             Serious determined by a physical examination. M is used as an aid techniques.


             7.Pe that how is it treated?

             First, we check whether there is another factor involved in pain. Numbness, heart problems if the patient's complaints olabilir.tedavi pain in the left arm as patient education, medication, rest, physical therapy and exercise is taking place. Movement will be restricted to the patient's neck at the beginning of treatment. Then the pain is somewhat mitigated. After that, as in the first hernia start a rehabilitation program to replace them identify how the losses that occur in the patient. We also provide blood supply to the problem of making superficial and deep heat treatment with psychotherapy. Blood supply is increased, also seen improvements in income and in the nerves back to life. Drugs muscle spasms resolved.

1) in arm with unbearable or exceed the neck and arm pain and loss on disposal force if need surgery.

2) with microdiscectomy surgery is performed.

             8.Tedav the time?
             Average the two-hour session, 20- 25 days. But the patient against the risk of recurrence after treatment is necessary to apply three months rehabilitation. It also includes some exercises to do at home.