What is circumcision?

Male circumcision in children, the prepuce that surrounds the head of the penis about 3 / 4th of the process is to expose and headpiece be surgically cut.

The benefits of circumcision

- Premature Ejaculation in intercourse Barriers circumcision done right.

- Penile cancer is observed only in non-circumcised men.

- Circumcised urinary tract infection in children less observed.

- Infectious diseases are more common in men who were circumcised.

- Uterine cancer risk in spouses of male circumcision reduced.


Circumcision What should be done?


Timing of circumcision taşır.sünnet great importance for the development of the child's personality; To prevent damage to the psychological aspects of the child, or two years of age should be done before or after the age of seven. An application for the child's sexual organs aged between 2-7 years bears the danger to cause significant psychological harm for fear of castration. Male child or children during surgical procedures to be applied to the genitals should be given sedatives or general anesthesia or should not be circumcised among children 2-5 years of age. Families can react when they heard the statement of general anesthesia, but general anesthesia risk is less than circumcision performed awake.


States that circumcision is harmful
If there are children in the opening at the bottom of the penis urine output hole called hypospadias situation, if the child's sexual organ is too small or congenital another disorder, it is appropriate to do circumcision for the foreskin to be used in correction surgery can be done in the future.