Enlarged Prostate


Found only in men, is a walnut-sized gland. Is located at the base of the bladder and surrounds the urethra also. Prostate rest of this size until the age of 45, after this age begin to grow again by hormonal changes.

Benign prostate hyperplasia BPH is called benign prostatic hyperplasia, is a problem that affects the quality of living men seriously.

Symptoms were WHAT?

             Sensation of incomplete emptying of the bladder after urinating

             Frequent Urination

             Out at night to urinate

             Not interrupted urine

             To try to push urine

             Urine flow power (in range) decrease


             The prostate is treated with medication and surgery. Though no single definitive solution for the treatment of prostate obtained the exact solution so far in drug treatment is surgery. The main aim of treatment is to maintain the patient's kidney prostate. Operative stage to come across patients, if they do not receive surgery, before the patient is not disturbed by the patient's kidneys and bladder function subsequently, patients may become obligated to a dialysis machine. Delayed patients, surgery, even though they may be difficult for them to fully heal. Surgical methods are divided into two groups including indoor and outdoor. Open prostate surgery exceptions do not apply much to be said after today.

             The patient's legs off to try to recover more quickly (laparoscopic) initiative should be preferred.

plasmakinetic TREATMENT

             Off prostate surgery, surgical health department will generate 90% of prostate treatment. People between the closed surgery (laparoscopy) is known as the method of cutting the prostate piece by piece with instruments entered into or removed by evaporation from the penis.

             With plasmakinetic method, the tissue removed during surgery pathology (tissue investigation) can be sent. The prostate is benign and malignant better determine the most accurate method. Because the method of laser ablation can be made in pathology.

             The patient can be discharged from the hospital within 1 or 2 days. Ssure having the probe is much shorter than the other methods.

             There is no loss of potency power. Patients may continue to the same privacy standards. The possibility of postoperative urinary incontinence is the method plasmakinetic the lowest. Applicable to all kinds prostate. Saline (serum) and for the implementation, does not preclude the size of the prostate. Special thanks to the design of the device operation time is shorter.

             Only has an effect in the region is necessary because it does not impact too deep. Can be performed under local anesthesia. Therefore administered in patients with heart and lung problems.

             Postoperative called Redrograd ejaculation, semen escape the bladder condition is not observed.

             Bleeding is very small. Ordinary method and laser method has the potential for causing serious complications in the case that applied.

             Plasmakinetic treatment is known to be the most trusted TUR-P system. 21st Century prostate treatment 'Plasma' technology.


             You point in our hospital, let's apply plasmakinetic treatment. Upgrade your standard of life ...