Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

What is Physical Therapy?

Superficial SI, electric current, and some waves using size made treatment yonemidir.amac pain caused ooaln current renewal Touch saglayarak accelerate nutrition sağlamaktır.Bu purpose different devices and practices are yapılmaktadır.mutlak d are from yapılmalı.tanı control unless given more harm than good. Body is made of haagr in faydalıdır.romatzmal the disease, the pain got kesmnek enflamatuar.ayırt from the tee instead of applying pure en enfer ...



What is rehabilitation?


Some diseases are a result of lost Gecriliş fonksiyonalr the kazanıdırlması.kan but after losses in muscle after felcler.op. Ft combined together with such combined edildig edilebilir.z Xiamen very onemli.bell benefits obtained edilmez.mesel time after stroke.


Orthopedic, neurological, pediatric, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation


What are the treatment practices in Physical Therapy?


Superficial heat, deep heat agrısı cutting-oriented devices.

  Paraffin IR, hotpack superficial


Usa deep heat, wave,

Teens reduce pain.


Magnetic field therapy, laser uygulamalrı.h have hot yok.buz in farklıdır.mesel foot sprain patients in each disease.



Hydrotherapy, autogenic drainage, electrotherapy

  Manipulation & Mobilization, Kinesiotaping, Bobath, Brunstrom, Pilates, Orthotics & Prosthetics Applications, therapeutic exercise and massage




My painful physical therapy methods?


Physical therapy also heat treatment for the body to relieve your pain, painkillers electric current is applied, you will not feel pain at this time. However, patients with joint dysfunction is present, for example, can not afford to shoulder pain may be mild stretching exercises will do.



What is the duration of physical therapy?


According to the patient's condition and needs according to the treatment program organized by specialist physicians uygulanır.h average session lasts 45 minutes to apply a total of 10-20 sessions.


Which can avoid the problem by physical therapy?


Mechanical let rise is effective in this disease. necks, we use as an aid in kurtuluruz.enflamatu disease of the knee shoulder pain. He quickly olacaktı oluyoruz.cunk the region's blood supply tap, tap to help vuzu the roundup saglanacag has its own healing mechanisms.



Physical therapy can be applied to?


Ft is the cause of pain arc uygulanabilir.oncelikl everyone living problems bilinmelidir.mekanıks to be useful or inflammatory or look-up does not apply to an organ increases in f kaynaklanıyor more complaints if applicable. There is no limit on the kullanılır.yas Tum mechanical pain. All ages can be applied to each zone.



Physical therapy is not enough in what circumstances?


If ft is the correct diagnosis of diseases helpful olmaz.bel and neck t can not be arrived surgical indications such as hernia, muscle weakness olmuss useful olmaz.dogr of disease-ft is successful when the PRM olur.hast cause pain should be distinguished.



Physical therapy practice, is addictive?



No I Do Not. Physical therapy methods do not harm the body, is not addictive. But your pain with physical therapy after a while because you want to go back to physical therapy relax again for the same relief is not something to worry about this. Get physical therapy is the use of drugs is much better again.




Does that make physical therapy cancer?

No I Do Not. By treatment not given the body of radiation.



fter years who apply?


This work should be performed by IT TOOK training physiotherapists. Ft is then also the physician. Home does not apply because these applications be applied when the physiotherapist how ceyda ft bilir.has specialist applications in devices is wrong to take home.



How you can benefit from physical therapy with rheumatism?


Inflammatory rheumatic diseases are groups. Early period, had not done that period, had ft of exacerbations, but to reduce the limited ft uygulanır.amac AGRRE in joint protection-oriented Applied yapılabilir.kıs the term splint applications gibi.hastalık of subacute, deformasyonlart is back online, to ensure the preservation of muscle strength or strengthen. Acute agents will be done in my feet.



Physical therapy helps stroke how to pass?


Which should be started as soon as possible along with physical therapy rehabilitation olmalı.mumk. Stable that of the general condition of the patient starts eating when ft. The current used in addition to the rehabilitation of muscles should be strengthened. It is treated with limited physical region for emergencies. Tens, with superficial heating and stretching. Onemli.ilk very first 1 month 3 months 6 months after onemli.ilk zorlsır.1 years later, the chance of treatment should be forced ... as results with physical therapy and rehabilitation of reach and should begin as soon as feasible.



Physical therapy is effective in how long?


In the first session, it may increase the pain after healing sessions krizi.5 azalır.10-15 press healing sessions after. Sometimes, if there are 20 sessions until the number of sessions cıkar.kas loss increases. Must be at least 10 sessions. If we evaluate the patient if ARTIS again. Diagnosis and treatment after treatment is finished we are sure we wait 2-3 weeks. If anyone's healing potential in diseases farklıdır.baz prolonged duration of diabetes, such as blood pressure.



Neck hernia:


What are the symptoms of a herniated neck?


Agri neck, arms, if you go back shoulder pain and weakness of nerves where there gider.kol will atrophy in sleep olur.adale AMSA. Complaints will be in bacajlarda.

Main reason for the miscible with the heart and neck agrısıdır.baz agrısı kts.




Neck causes hernia?


7 units in the neck vertebrae bone vardır.1-2 pulpozis soft nucleus of the disc in the disc var.disk not others, has a harder annulus pulposis. Taking over the soft mute in my yapar.he pressure on the nerves in the neck and arm pain may hit back with shovel agrısına. Herniated disc pain in the legs, even if only belva here can do the leg pain. It makes the face in guzsuzluk legs.


Lifting and mechanical neck pain mechanism in the lifting of the arms bozulması.herkes gerekrk that the kaldırır.b hernia due to degeneration of the neck has the face and microtrauma. against sleeping in air conditioning, press the PC is running, always time we deal with the neck are reversed in future move to the normal c structure causes hernia.



May improve with physical therapy neck hernia?


Surgical applications outside to try onemlidir.ft the drug therapy, surgery, medications are not uygulanır.but the late Ted them. Ft yuksektir.o percent chance of cure rate of patients do well if elections to have chosen the appropriate disease.



What is the neck flattens?


Our neck is normally the time the letter c the longitudinal stress in the neck of the bass are eating vbagl gerle be neck and flattening. As it happens depends on the neck straight as sticks. 4 cores vardır.2 one rear vessels in damar.b c structure is corrupted with the fake 2 seed behind it stretched and do not go enough blood to the brain. This first before the face headache, dizziness, forgetfulness, fatigue, morning tiredness them are the symptoms of fatigue. If left untreated ear and balance disorders would it eslk Squawk.




How to implement a physical therapy for neck pain?


After the patient was diagnosed patients treated alırız.yuzus's assessment electrotherapy or sitting position to eliminate pain locally, superficial temperature uygulamaları.der heat is applied. Will be successful in the treatment of increased blood supply.


When to neck hernia surgery?


If T does not improve surgical patients despite treatment to day, but if you have feelings of loss and loss outward gelir.kuvvet ediyorsa.feşc the right track, if melting muscle must be done.




Low back pain:


What is a hernia?

5 vertebrae bones have var.l1-5.disk. This is the time for AMSA fıtıklastıg sleep in the legs, waist and leg pain such complaints arise.

What are the most important symptoms of a herniated disc?


Waist After Fitger they yapoar.sin press on the nerves of the night from the environment is pain for the leg gone hissedilir.agr along with weakness and sleep AMSA problemel the UCE becomes the urinary incontinence on the patient's condition and therefor should come to this stage. The first term pain in my lower back, but if you can hit the bacaklara disease progression. If conservative treatment is surgery uygulanmaldı enough.



Which treatments are applied for back pain?


Waist pain the men returning from the straightening new patients very well that in the period gormektedir.ilerle benefit is reduced by structural changes that benefit.




What are the positions could lead to a hernia?


Oncelikle kırml insanal the knees should take the break. An object should refrain from moving the arm with balanced load carrying tasınmalıdı is moving Zealand bodies should be close to body. We need to sit upright, the back of the waist should be supported, long-term journeys of 10 15 min walking to be done.




What are the mistakes that cause back pain?


Expert di lara gidilmeli.hastal the waist drinkers, plotting, Puller, burned the fish should be avoided except in my sputum yaptıranlar.bil methods.






What is Arthritis? Why does it happen?


The destruction of the cartilage covering the inner face Eklemelr and is lost. Normally easy movement allows cartilage to Kelem surface if the cartilage is damaged bones consist friction and pain. To smell thumb, knee, ankle remains of the common predisposing factors is increased weights oenmlidir.agırlık Although gorulur.genetik calcified us on artar.60 age males and females often.


Primary reasons :, age, obesity, genetic, occupational, do housework is not calcified reasons.


Secondary reasons: due to illness RA, as if there DRC.



How to put calcification with physical therapy?


This is the degenerative osteoarthritis of calcified eklemelrde.baz metabolic diseases, age, stay for a long time still. We treat our calcined to eliminate the possible degil.kireclen to emerge Decomposition of pain. To the middle line comes out instead of removing gerekir.beslen up, I'm moving the law is effective. Oncelikle weight verilmel,, rest. Exercise, Exercises in water, electro therapy, drug therapy, prosthetics ..




What are the signs of calcified?


Inflammatory pain, such as in the morning would not rheumatism, joint we use time, the pain would olruldugumz time. Gun in or after long marches agrısı artar.Kar more pain increases pain when lifting stairs.

Should pay attention to what people with arthritis?



Lifestyle according to the number of affected parts in the calcination ayarlar.mesel s should avoid walking on flat ground yurunmeli.engebel Malaria least olmalı.uz the marches. Painful at rest and ice uygulanmalı.diz and kalcada in the same period. If done in the olamdıg adding the arc reduces the load bin yklenmemeli.ekl how I azltıl calcination. Swimming.


Used in the treatment of arthritis in which case the prosthesis?


Most rated knee and hip pain at rest even in gorulur.çhasta gecmiyor to, does not use the joint, most important missing the life of a prosthesis olması.mumk the oldugunca late uygulanmalı.cunk The necessity of revision prosthesis.






What is osteoporosis?


The reduction of bone density and fragility artması.kend to the bit density of the vardı artmıss fragility fractures increases. This increase krılganlıg that belongs to lifestyle to genetics. Alone is not the reason I was, but the olabilir.baz cause to occur if connected to a long time bearing fractures with long time symptoms vermez.agr the way skinable in olmaz.mesel spine that compensates SUID days to define the melting bone quiet kırıklardır.o face is sometimes difficult.



Bone resorption causes?


If the fragility of the most important cause of genetic olması.ann the gene continues to be open when it comes to certain laws of life. 2.cil reasons: some drugs long-term use (thyroid medication, anti-epileptic drugs-sara, cortisone), whatever ..H a bed to sleep 3 months te what olur.ayrı and alcohol causes such as cigarette smoking.



Who is more at risk of osteoporosis?


Rastlanır.kadın women in almost every age in sıktır.cunk important in a situation vardır.menapoz t w based on 45 tir.b period, had disappeared when certain hormones are estrogen disappeared open it as it comes out of the price. This is seen in men In addition, there are rare cases that are seen in childhood.

2. If I use open unintentionally or intentionally alive depending on the drug te cýkar mean scrubbing.



Bone resorption How is it diagnosed?


Dexa yonetim.halk BMD measurements me he has adlandırı.minum my radiation and bone fragility is measured. For BMD or bone biopsy done some tests. Like scratching my urine measurements. Ka. Have Broken say x ray.



Egr bones missing 25% open, we say 10-15% shortage of bone-osteopenia.