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Breastfeeding and Lactation


By dude craving during pregnancy is the most beautiful gift of a great breastfeeding mother can give her baby to baby brings into the world. No food or drink is not a substitute for mother's milk. Breast milk is sterile so does not contain any bacteria. Will strengthen your baby's immune system and which are material to protect it from disease, "antibody" includes always hygienic, practical and economical. The best food is often seen in infants to digest the baby constipation, diarrhea, minimize the occurrence of problems such as gas. Of protein and mineral content of breast milk; the baby does not yet forced the underdeveloped kidneys, easy digestion. Which contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for the baby in the necessary proportions. Breast milk is the baby's nervous system cells, brain cells, vital for the development of vision in retina cells, providing Omega-3 / Omega-6 fatty acids are rich; in the necessary proportions of these fatty acids that allows the correct amount. Physical and mental development of infants fed with breast milk will be provided in the best possible way. Mother breastfeeding baby closer together, lets look at the formation of trust between them.


Breastfeeding is extremely healthy and natural way. People like all mammals
offspring should breastfeed immediately after birth.


The secretion of breast milk from mothers provide hormone called prolactin. With stimulation of prolactin secretion of milk starts. If the effect of this hormone stimulates the baby's mother's breast emmesidir.y new baby how much milk is secreted so suck it up.


Breastfeeding should be considered in


Breastfeeding, whether normal or cesarean delivery mode should be initiated immediately after birth as possible. Because labor for hours after the baby is born tired and hungry.


There are two important issues to pay attention to postpartum mothers. One of them is to consume fluids frequently, and another to breastfeed ...

All he wishes to be plenty of baby milk and also often come a long term and should be breastfed.

Should be used in both breasts than breastfeeding. If the baby breast milk is fully discharged, milk sağılarak should be emptied after breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding should be chosen in the most comfortable position and the baby's head and body should be fully turned towards the mother.

Breastfeeding nipple, not around the nipple should be made to cover the dark part.

Avoid frequent use of cleaning soap in the chest.

Including water out of the mother's milk to infants in the first 4 months should not be given any additional food.


How long you need to breastfeed?


Your baby's stomach capacity is small. Absorbs about 8-10 times a day when the two-day corresponds to prune every 2-3 hours. Breastfeed your baby when you want to suck her. Calling their mouths and show their hunger by increasing the movement. Crying is usually the last symptom.
If your baby is getting milk if swallowing after 1-2 suction. Finished the suction and may remain dormant until your chest. 5-7 in 20 minutes from the day they left chest. Provide swallowing stay the same until the end of the chest, then remove the gas and pass to the other breast.


What should be done to be wound nipples?

Studies have shown that the shape of the nipple used to the baby's mother is the most influencing factors occurring sore nipples. The first 1-2 weeks is normal to feel mild pain and burning. If you feel pain in your nipples to pull the body by adjusting the position of the baby from the breast on top of your nipple to open his mouth and tongue touching the palate and try again after the baby starts sucking.
Apply 1-2 drops of milk after feeding dry and exposing the nipples. Cracks in the nipples, constant pain and the bleeding is not normal. If you are having this problem, contact your doctor absolute doll.


How expressed breast milk should be stored?


6-8 hours at room temperature in O

-Fridge In 3-5 days

2 weeks in the fridge freezer

Deep-freezer at 3 months.

- Previously frozen breast milk in the fridge for 24 hours

- Previously frozen breast milk in the freezer should never be frozen again.

The amount of milk in the refrigerator should be removed so the baby will consume, freezer should be solved in the extracted milk at room temperature, shaking should be warmed in hot water, should not be heated directly on the fire and migrodalga.