Varicella Vaccine

 Chickenpox vaccine has been carrying the disease and the vaccine is recommended for adults and older children from 12 months of taking no drawbacks.

- The effectiveness of the chickenpox vaccine is 97% against the serious and severe varicella infection.

- 13 to the age of varicella vaccine is recommended as 2 large doses, with an interval of at least 1 month.

- Chickenpox vaccine should be administered subcutaneously.

- Chickenpox vaccine has had the disease and is recommended for children and adults with a high probability of developing the disease. Nursery outgoing children, teachers and working here, other staff, caregivers unit in working people, military personnel, which is of childbearing age, and varicella passing women (should not be administered to pregnant!), People who frequently travel, the risk of passing chickenpox, such as people with impaired immune systems health care providers and caregivers to persons living in the same house with this person in the group should be applied chickenpox vaccine.

- The possibility of spread of the disease after the encounter with a person suffering from chickenpox is over 90%. Patients after the first encounter with people in 3 days (5 days can be applied to) the chickenpox vaccine can protect from disease or implementation can provide a yakalanıls be passed even milder disease.

- Chickenpox vaccine for people with immune system failure and should not be administered to pregnant women.