Vaccination Saves Lives



Newborn babies are protected against many diseases with antibodies they receive from their mothers. However, this protection continues and decrease lost time measured in just months. New born, the mother against certain diseases such as whooping cough is not possess the antibody.

Babies are not vaccinated, and if faced with the germs of the disease the body may not be strong enough to fight the disease. Vaccines Before many babies were dying due to diseases that can be protected by the vaccine today. The same microorganisms are also still circulates today, but babies are protected thanks to vaccines and therefore not considered in this disease anymore.

Showing the most meticulous implementation of preventive medicine and best practice expertise branch of the CHILD HEALTH AND DISEASE. This is even before you pass the name of the specialty in child health, disease comes later.

After occurred is important not to treat the disease with the disease, in order to prevent the disease.

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