Hib (meningitis) Vaccine

Hib vaccine efficacy in protection from disease is estimated to be 95-100%.

- Hib disease for more than two years can be seen in young children and the immune system is not able to watch serious in children who have strengthened, including premature babies, from children 2 months of the implementation of one or two months by 3 doses of Hib vaccine is recommended. Repeat this three-dose primary dose should be done when the baby 18 months after immunization.

- The first time a Hib vaccine to be administered to infants older than 6 months or two doses of Hib vaccine at two months and 18 months of age booster dose is recommended implementation.

- The first time an older infant Hib vaccine to be administered single doses of Hib vaccine will be sufficient to implement.

- Hib conjugate vaccines for diphtheria, as may be alone, tetanus, pertussis vaccine, together with the form of four vaccine or diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, with inactivated polio vaccine can be combined to form five.

- Hib vaccine can be safely administered with other childhood vaccines. For children over 5 years of routine Hib vaccine is not recommended.

- Hib invasive Hib disease in adults at high risk for sickle cell anemia, leukemia, HIV infection, immunodeficiency, in cases such as cancer chemotherapy and removal of the spleen should be administered as a single dose.