Hepatitis B Vaccine

- Hepatitis B vaccine can be safely administered at any age from birth.

- Our country is applied to all children from 0 months in the routine immunization program.

- Hepatitis B carrier mothers or carrier that is being proposed to be implemented immediately after birth to babies born to an unknown mother.

- Hepatitis B vaccine at 0, 1, is applied according to the 6 diagram. After the first vaccination on day 0 being the day of first vaccination and again performed 1 month after 2 doses of 6 months after the first vaccination (5 months after the second vaccination) 3 doses should be given.

- Dose hepatitis B vaccine is not recommended for routine again.

- Hepatitis B vaccine to all newborns, much associated with hemodialysis patients with hepatitis B virus carrying people and the families of people living in the same house, drug addicts, homosexuals, medical personnel is recommended.


Is a safe vaccine that is being used for many years in humans. Although tuberculosis is controversial protection protects the common forms of tuberculosis. The World Health Organization 'are the recommendations for a single dose of BCG vaccination in infancy is. Comparative studies on the construction of the vaccine dose and the number of years it is difficult to arrive at a final decision is inadequate. Duplicate BCG 's despite having been shown to provide better protection, Turkey's has made repeated doses in childhood as well as in some countries. One of the Ministry of Health in our country 2 months after birth, the other school has decided to do two times the total BCG vaccination in children, particularly in the first year and performed.