Otolaryngology (ear, nose, throat)

Tonsil and adenoid disease

Tonsils; lymphoid dokulardır.bademcik located on each side of the throat is a part of the immune system are involved in the fight against infection. With the nasal adenoid tonsils in the throat, tongue on tongue tonsils, tonsillitis gerlac in addition to the eustachian tube (tonsils tubarius) and is accompanied by a sore throat bands on the side wall and form the Waldeyer's ring. These elements are the nose and mouth into the throat of a total of 5 types in the first bariyerlerdir.kısaca struggling against germs and a defense system consisting of 9 parts are available. Here more palate tonsils (tonsillitis colloquially) and bahsedeceğim.çünk from adenoid infections and problems are usually made of ameliyet the two is related to them. Tonsils are a lot of functions up to 4 years in particular. This includes functions in your body yitirmektedir.ge years with puberty the flesh shrinks and disappears usually later.

Why tonsils bottle?

Some children grow up more, depending structurally revised to büyürler.nadir olabilirler. great career as a reaction to infection, tumor formation. Function declines over time is reduced but can not be expected to disappear.

What is the treatment of tonsillitis?

Is the most common reason for treatment of viruses is actually just şikayat. However, in distinction to make a lesser extent edilebilir.b appropriate treatment of antibiotics is important because bacteria can be avoided due to the unnecessary use of antibiotics and antibiotic also present unnecessary killing bacteria, square leave the more aggressive and resistant microbes. This distinction, the patient's clinical status (fever, blood picture and the examination findings), made according to a rapid strep test or throat culture.

What is and what is the importance of beta microbe?

This germ called streptococcus group A beta-hemolilitik is a bacterium acronyms. Importance if this microbe throat infection migrated, and if the kidney with antibodies against it is not given antibiotics within 10 days, and heart valve damage görebilir.ancak today the possibility azalmıştır.fakat again on a frequent throat infections ahead of the arteries (coronary and) the risk of being damaged increases.

Tonsils should be taken when?

There are two reasons: either outnumber be inflamed or substantial to cause respiratory and feeding problems. Often the last 1 year, 7 times in the last 2 years, 5 times, 3 times the last 3 years should be taken if the inflammation. Take part in obstructive airways size should be doing precisely if snoring and sleep breathlessness.

Adenoid when it should be?

The most frequent reason for snoring and certain dependent airway obstruction in receipt of Adenoid, and constantly open mouth breathing cessation during sleep uyumadır.dig is the reason; persistent accumulation of fluid in the middle ear, throat and sinus infections frequently and often in the middle ear iltihapları.b in such cases it is important to be in the adenoids.

Does the surgery is done under general anesthesia?

It usually is. This is because the more comfortable and more güvenlidir.zir drug and machine equipment for physician-patient general anesthesia is very advanced.

Is there an age limit for tonsil and adenoid surgery?

If the size or resistant ear problems if there is no age limit, no question. However, if the number or frequency yes 3 years should be expected to be forced to live up to this situation. Can be problematic because of the anesthesia.

Does your tonsils -gem occurs again is received by the flesh?

Is not likely to repeat the tonsils. However, in patients with nasal under 3 years of age for the theoretical possibility of at least some meat then repeat again what I have to vardır.ancak no adenoid surgery did not relapse.

Adenoid tonsil surgery is done by what technique?

Traditional scalpel-points using and bipolar thermal can be realized cautery-assisted welding, radiofrequency, plasma, harmonic scalpel, KTP laser, mikrodeprid such as electrical and electronic aletlerle make the yapılabilir.elektrikl tool anemia, and they are good in terms of benefits to the physician with the combustion process (carbonization) is realized, postoperative pain, I think it is now bleeding and disadvantages, such as delayed healing. I prefer the traditional scalpel-scissors-bipolar cautery-assisted technique. Bipolar cautery of kullanıyorum.mutlak tonsils only for bleeding points with absorbable suture thread (sewing) I am. In this case both that reduces pain, and I think that promotes healing and reduces the risk of both bleeding.

What should be taken after surgery?

The most important condition postoperative pain kanamadır.b probability outside the bildiriniz.b your doctor if deemed absolutely değişmektedir.taz blood between 1-4%; especially after tonsillectomy can be seen. In this case we give painkillers to sürebilir.b of 5-10 days and I would recommend eating the soft-Cold-warm food. We give all our patients after surgery informative form.