Otolaryngology (ear, nose, throat)

Sinusitis and Sinusitis Surgery

Sinusitis is located around the nose and sinuses iltihabıdır.sinüs on the nose with a variety of channels are opened inside the air-filled cavities or chambers. The one on the right and left sides of the nose, including four consist of 8 pieces. Tasks are sent to the nasal cavity, producing a total of approximately 700 ml of liquid a day. Here we say sinusitis inflammation of the chamber. According to the duration of the course, acute inflammation (sudden) or chronic (chronic) call. Its main task is to provide fluid into the nose. And become protective eye for seeing this fluid in the brain and act as shock absorbers in sağlar.ayrı head of the moisture from the air passing through the nose. In addition, receipt of the final sound, they also help to smell and taste.

What are the symptoms of sinusitis?

Nasal congestion, headache, nasal discharge, sore throat, ear congestion, reduction of smell, cough, heartburn, such as .... In short, they disrupt the quality of life.

How is the diagnosis of sinusitis?

The last twenty years this issue was serious developments. First optics (endoscope) as well as radiological examinations sees olduk.ikinci Computed tomography and magnetic resonance due to nose was further clarify this situation. Through them we provide a definitive diagnosis and definitive treatment.

Sinusitis treatment like?

First, the medical treatment is the treatment that medicament. Antibiotics and other drugs (kotizonl sprays ...) and sinusitis drug development was significantly treated.

Sinusitis surgery need to?

About 25% do not respond to drug therapy of chronic sinusitis. In this case must endoscopic sinus surgery. Success is very high and comfortable operation.

Who is more sinusitis?

In which the curvature of the nose, in the nasal allergies, often in smokers and working in environments where the air is dirty. However, keep wet your head, cold exposure, to thoroughly dry the hair after bath, located in the stuffy and moisture-free environment, chemicals exposed frequently (perfume, industrial waste ...) reasons might include., Also some that people are allergic to foods such as milk and wheat and has been shown to predispose to sinusitis sinus consequently increasing mucus production.

Sinusitis surgery is a surgery how?

This surgery today's conditions in the optical (endoscope) was seen accompanied performed directly inside the nose through the nose. Operation is done according to clinical and radiological evaluation. Which sinus problem is that side and it's made for the sinuses. Objective disorder disrupts the sine function (pathology), eliminating the sinuses are made as functional status getirmektir.cerrah interference as possible and should be limited. Recovery would be standing. However, there is a need 6-8 weeks to be fully functional sinuses. This operation is performed under general anesthesia or partial anesthesia. Therefore, whenever possible, take 2 months postoperative follow. The patient surgery 2-3. Days may not return to normal heavy. Eating after surgery, no pain after drinking and bathing is usually very azdır.ancak serbesttir.ameliyat or nasal dark, bloody discharge may be 1-2 weeks but gradually decreased. Crust formation may take 3-4 weeks.