Otolaryngology (ear, nose, throat)

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty was Septorhinoplasty)

Located in the middle of the face and nose with a very important function as a organdır.evvel nose is also an organ that directly affects not only the comfort of our lives. In the world and in Turkey most-performed cosmetic surgery rhinoplasty surgery. Only way rhinoplasty is performed only for functional or both form and functional purpose.

There are 3 main rules of successful aesthetic nose.

1-nose should be a natural aesthetic, should not obviously be suitable for face and aesthetics.

2-Nose will never be functional and not create respiratory distress. This is a sine qua non.

3-done rhinoplasty should not deform over time, so it must be intact.

Frequently asked questions related to rhinoplasty:

1-Buffer is it being used? Is getting pain when taken at this time and are being used?

                 I usually spend the time I use the düşünüyorum.nadir that allows the angle of the patient after surgery in the buffer kullanmıyorum.b more comfortable I am also using silicone bumper. I give the information to the patient in such cases.

2-Face-to-eye bottle? Bruising olurmu? Hastad vary until the patient. In general, less swelling and bruising will. Bruising usually disappears after 7-10 days. Although uncomfortable swelling may be less satisfactory in spite of everything değildir.ancak swelling lasts 2-3 weeks.

3-nasal splint placed outside (external buffer) Is taken and will be taken when the pain?

                 Atel 7-10 days after alınır.b prefer the more determined I am doing a splint consisting of just plaster. I keep it in 5-7 days. I recommend getting massages on the nose during this time.

When did the pain would be getting and receiving stitches 4-Nose?

                 The patient is receiving the most feared stitches. However, if an operation as it may seem painful değildir.dikişl made 5-7 days after getting stitches.

5- After the surgery can return to work when sick?

                 Patients 2 and 7 days after the day you can revolted can return to school or work without tiring.

Nose surgery can be done after 6 bathroom? Use of glasses, the situation is and how to avoid the sun like sports?

                 The first 3 weeks to make hot bath, sauna, to avoid the sun and can not be asked to do strenuous activity. Sunglasses are giving informative preprinted forms related issues to kullanmamalıdır.hasta 1-3 months after surgery.

7-nose shape when you sit down?

                 Nose shape, depending on the patient's skin structure and made the process at the earliest 6 months after oturur.ancak some patients may take up to 1.5 years. Photo shooting is done after 6 months.

Requires an 8-second nose operation?

                 Although changes to the patient and the doctor-patient ratio in the world in general physician in this case is between 5- 12%. The decision was verilmeli the earliest 6 months after