Otolaryngology (ear, nose, throat)

Middle Ear Disease

Ear consists of three parts: the outer, middle and inner ear. Outer ear wax and especially in the summer usually happens in the foreground with the external ear infections occur. Between the middle ear and eardrum to the inner ear is the part that allows to transmit sound to the inner ear structure containing the bones increased. Most diseases are seen related to this field. The middle ear also patolji of this region in both the nose and your gear with you guys ilişkilidir.he Eustachian canal adults is important.

What are the treatment of middle ear and have ilthap like?

Acute and chronic inflammation are usually two ayrılır.akut edilir.ancak eardrum in the middle ear trauma event can be treated with medication or surgery, although acute. Chronic inflammation is usually corrected by surgery.

What are the middle ear surgery?

Drawing 1-eardrum (paracentesis): behind the eardrum (middle ear) in the long-term accumulation of fluid is a procedure performed to relieve fluid is done for diagnostic or treatment. After drawing tube is placed in the ear membrane is therapeutic.

2-Myringoplasty: Turning off the repair or hole in the eardrum to işlemidir.Bu operation is applied as a term operation under local or general anesthesia is often done by intervening directly towards the outer ear. Operation is done with mikropkop or endoscope. The chance of success is very little distress yüksektir.operasyo after an operation is very disturbing patient comfort.

3-Tympanoplasty: Both control middle ear inflammation or formed problematic tissue clearing both the middle ear ossicles, and provide repair and maintenance as well as descriptions of the operation to repair the eardrum of ameliyatıdır.ort ear ossicles by the damage situation may be different.

4-mastoidectomy: middle ear or mastoid bone behind the ear scoop, is a surgical procedure for the removal of inflammation. According to the state of inflammation in the middle ear bones, and made and received different names according to the dumru.

5-stapedectomy-stapedotomy: in the middle ear stirrup (stapes) in the case of bone calcification and bone hereketsiz will not transmit sound to the inner ear. This situation can be modified in this bone to solve the bone is removed and forwarded to the voice of the inner ear by placing the prosthesis in place by the type of sağlanır.b intervention stapedectomy or stapedotomy name alır.başar chance is gratifying result is a high operational.



In what circumstances should the ear surgery?

Middle ear infections are encountered in a number of ways when chronic ool. Eardrum hole in the middle, the edge of holes, all or less, including many varieties of membrane holes sunk olur.ayrı dice or the middle ear may be completely attached. In each case according to the type of surgery and the technique may differ. Also inflammatory conditions in the middle ear surgery, according to the damage to the bones and bone behind the ear (mastoid) changes the operation mode by the inflammation. Determination, it will be pre-operative examination, audiological (aural) and it is possible with the radiological examinations.


  Middle ear surgery like?

Ear tubes; In adults, local or general anesthesia is an operation performed under general anesthesia in children is comfortable after surgery, was discharged the same day. Ear tubes need to assign control at certain intervals.
Myringoplasty / Tympanoplasty: This surgery, the condition of the membrane holes are made based on the extent of the damage to the bones and otitis media. Under general anesthesia, usually the same day or next day yapılır.has discharged edilir.ort ear to ear or behind the ear path reaching intervention is done. Postoperative care varies according to the type of intervention. Eardrum repair fascia, cartilage, etc. are made with materials.
Mastoidectomy: According to the problem, Eardrum done alone or in combination with surgery. Objective is to clear the existing inflammation of the ear opening the back-bone. Patients usually kept overnight hospital. Stitches dressing up until it is done.
Stapedectomy / stapedotomy: stirrup (stapes) where the lost motion limed bone structure of treating disorders resulting from the surgery. The aim with the base (stapedectomy) or leaving the base place (stapedotomy) receiving a stapes prosthesis is positioned and replaced. Is performed under local or general anesthesia. Usually discharged the same day.


What are the risks of middle ear surgery?


1-Ear tube: bleeding, ear discharge (due to infection), pain (rare).

2-Myringoplasty: infection, hold the eardrum, the damage to the middle ear ossicles (rare)

3-Tympanoplasty: infection, bleeding, damage to the bones, to hold the membrane, affecting the facial nerve, dizziness, tinnitus

4-mastoidectomy: bleeding, infection, facial nerve damage due to facial paralysis, hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, vomiting

5-stapedectomy I / stapedeto me: stay membrane hole to damage hearing, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus ..