Meniscus (Arthroscopy)

What is arthroscopy?
Joint is a surgical procedure done by displaying on the screen through the projection optical instruments for the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases related to joints.

Where applicable arthroscopy method;
- The treatment of meniscal tears
- The clearance of osteoarthritis in the early
- In the joint and removal of bone and cartilage fragments free
- Front and rear cruciate ligament injury in
- Kneecap bone of problems in
- The treatment of articular cartilage damage
- Inside the treatment of joint fractures
- Most knee arthroscopic method applied to the joints, often torn meniscus and cartilage lesions are treated.

What is the meniscus How is it treated?
Femur and tibia in the knee menisci are crescent shaped pillows structure of cartilage located between the articular surface. Meniscus can be torn by the influence of forces in various directions.
Meniscus is cleaned on progressive rupture of the knee to prevent damage. Meniscus tear in the outer parts are treated the planting.
Arthroscopic treatment carried out in a very short period of time resulting in reduced length of stay in hospital the same day or the next day the patient was discharged patient returns quickly to normal daily activities.
How arthroscopic surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery, also called closed surgery. With arthroscopy, because it can appear in inaccessible areas during open surgery, there is a more complete examination facility.

Today arthroscopy ençok knee is implemented in joint arthroscopy surgery only anesthetized leg to do arthroscopy (local) waist can be made from below anesthetized (spinal anesthesia) or the patient can fully anesthetizing te general anesthesia .. The operating time is between 30-60 minutes depending on the seriousness of the problems in the patient's knee joint to observe the inside of the optical system of arthroscopy 2-3 drop of 0.5 cm incision is made from entering into the joint.

Arthroscopy Surgery What Are the Advantages?

- Surgery is done through small incisions used for sewing.

- The bed is too short length of hospital patients.

- Reduced range of motion in the joints after surgery are less likely to develop.

- The duration of the patient's return to work is very short compared to other surgeries. After a meniscus tear surgery is performed with the conventional method of finding the time to return the patient to work 1-2 months, patients can return to work when done with arthroscopic procedure within 1 week.

- When using crutches patients 2 weeks after surgery performed with conventional methods, can be pressed immediately after arthroscopic surgery patients and no seats are using the wand.