Oral and Dental Health

Mouth and Teeth Cleaning

How To Avoid bruising


Fluoridation of the teeth should be brushed with a toothpaste.
You benefit from dental floss or other interface tools to interface with your teeth.
Attention should be paid to a balanced diet and junk food should be a limit to the food.
The application that makes your teeth more resistant to decay "but fluoridated" and "sealants" consult your dentist about.
You should visit your dentist regularly for professional teeth cleaning and oral examination.

How to choose the Oral Care Products.


  Is very diverse and attractive in many products on the market may surprise you. Selection approved products recommended by your doctor when you should pay attention to the teeth and buying.


Kullu How can a tooth brush.


Generally used for 3-4 months. The separation of the bundles of bristles of the toothbrush that is broken, and the bending of the breakup anlayabilirsiniz.sert bristle brushes your teeth hurt verebilir.çocuk are not yet old quicker they can not perform the correct brush brushing exactly.


Most proper brushing technique is which one?


First, brush teeth should be approached at an angle of 45 degrees and teeth should be brushed with an oval movement. This process is completed with the latest gum from a downward sweeping motion. Inner surfaces of the teeth, especially the front of narrow brush is inserted perpendicularly fırçalanmalıdır.unutul not that dental plaque and food that the rear face of intense now, back teeth and tongue should be cleaned.


Loss of Teeth While not an appropriate technique used?


Yup. Although teeth covered with a layer of enamel is very hard to see great damage even a brush to apply only to the wrong technique. Both at the top of the tooth, as well as the wear layer covering the root, the gums as well as erode the gelir.diş be pulled into the road açabilir.Bir case teeth decay more likely to be avoided brushes with great force teeth and should play a brush with soft movement.




Toothbrushing meat Why is it necessary?


Another procedure to do is to brush the gums. "But the doctor my gums are bleeding ..." Brushing should be continued, because the vessels feeding the gums are fuller as a result of circulatory disorders. In medical language "congestion" open capillaries to the denir.tedav do so brush gerekecektir.böyle vessels of the gums and bleeding on brushing heal spontaneously durur.diş meat, the prevention of gum disease are the most effective remedy. In addition, professional cleaning should be done at the dentist, dental stones should be removed from the teeth. Improper use can cause gum recession Preferably dental floss or interdental brushes should be used.


Brush the Teeth Cleaning Tools is there anyone else?


These electric brush, floss, toothpicks, interdental brush, spraying of water (water-pic) ... as stimulator araçlardır.elektrikl brush and water sprayer is becoming increasingly common in our country.


Dental thread: Between Teeth cleaning is often a useful tool. Improper use is harmful to the gums. The proper use of the dentist should be applied after learning.
Toothpick: Food can be enjoyed while eating a piece of toothpick comes between teeth; If the same place but the food is always running regular contact between these two teeth that you use gösterir.böyl to be leveled as special cases of the end gerektirir.kür also be sterilized gerekir.b Therefore sellers should be preferred pharmacy.

Interface Cleaners What Are They?


In areas not reached by the toothbrush is used to clean debris from under the gums and teeth. It is never too late to start you do not have this habit. When using dental floss should note the following points.


Waxed dental floss for easy use in the first use may be preferred.
Dental floss is used through the lingering thumb and forefinger of both of our labor hand.
The slow movement of the floss between your teeth and had controlled. You should avoid hard and sudden movement would hurt the gums.
The female on the rope, so as to draw the letter c can clean interface by moving back and forth up and down.