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I Hurt İnside Take Me To Enough Fluoride Bottled Water?

I drink bottled water do I get enough fluoride?
The main source of drinking water fluoride to bottled water, you can not get enough. To reduce dental caries fluoride is added to the water network in the US, but most of the bottled water sold in the market, optimal levels (0.7 million - 1.2 units) There are no fluoride.


Some of the factors affecting the uptake of fluoride are:

Gösterebilir.etiket fluoride content changes based on the level of fluoride in bottled water brand is not specified, you can find out by calling the water company
The amount of bottled water you drink during the day
Drinking, cooking, making soup, to add to fruit juice and other beverages you use a bottled water
At school, at work or anywhere else you drink fluoridated drinking water
If you drink mostly bottled water, your dentist, especially, you should find out whether you need a fluoride treatment if you have children. Your dentist if you think your child is receiving adequate fluoride, fluoride drops or tablets can recommend.

Fluoride is also useful m to adults?
New research shows that fluoride is beneficial for everyone. Experts used to think that they have the effect of fluoride to strengthen teeth teeth only in the development stage. So, was the focus of children's work floridizasyo. Studies, toothpastes, indicate that oral care and fluoride waters as well as in the treatment of all ages to help people fluoride is applied as superficial bruise war.

How do I know if I need a fluoride treatment is?
If your drinking water is fluoridated, it is thought that regular tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste is sufficient for most adults with healthy teeth. 43 of the 50 largest city in the United States, is adding fluoride to the water supply to reduce tooth decay. If you get water from private wells or by calling your local water office, you can find out if your water is fluoridated water moving analysis.

Generally, individuals and domestic bottled water fits the following cases individuals, going to the dentist need to find out whether fluoride treatments...