Oral and Dental Health


Causes of Bad Breath;

Sulfur compounds having residues of viable bacteria in the oral cavity leading to bad smell. Bacteria that are dead and dying to reveal sulfur compounds.
Bacteria accumulate in layers and food residues in the back of the tongue. Language is a very rough surface structure and has a convenient feature of the bacteria to survive. Large amounts of sulfur compounds to accumulate in these areas.
In those with severe gum disease many people not being able to be clear on its own, such as inaccessible areas vardır.der the gum pockets that cause bad odor in the area.

Advanced gum disease and tooth decay should be treated.
Oral infections must be eliminated and must be removed problematic impacted teeth.
Language back to all sides of the tooth must be kept clean.
To stimulate the flow of saliva, the mouth to prevent the growth of bacteria oxygenation to help chew gum olun.şekersiz attention to the way the easiest yoludur.b menthol lozenges! Seem odors and cause dryness.
Clear accumulated on your tongue when brushing your tongue to remove bacteria.

Other causes of halitosis

Especially induced sinus and lung infections.
Diabetes (acetone odor)
Renal Insufficiency
Hepatic Insufficiency
Hunger, diet, dry mouth, fasting being (lack of liquid food starts to dissolve fat and protein in the body, by-products of the metabolism is reflected as bad breath.)


The last time our teeth are the third molars mouth. They usually begin to take between 17 to 25 years of age. If they are in the correct position and time is no harm in having the tooth in place does not damage the surrounding tissue. A female boiled and abnormal positioning of the jaw bone (it has been determined by x-ray) will lead to further damage can be decided considering the shooting.