Seamless Cataract Surgery

People living cataract problem deteriorates as the image looks as though she steamed a glass or behind a veil. Exp. Dr. Özcan KARAKURT of cataract disease, thought contrary not only in advanced age, could be seen at any age is remarkable. Exp. Dr. Özcan KARAKURT 'is taking an opaque appearance, losing the transparency of the lens inside the eye cataract. The patient presents with a decrease in the near and distant vision. Disease, use of glasses or not medication. The only treatment for cataracts is surgery formed a '' he said.

Cataracts occur at any age

There are several types of cataract. Metabolic diseases such as diabetes, especially long-term use of cortisone medicines, sudden shock, causes a number of innate Some of these reasons. The most common age-related cataract occurs. Providing vision, the complaints of patients according to the state before the lens opacification from far and near visual impairment. The opacity increases both near vision and distance is reduced so as to disturb the patient's social life. Cataract, due to decreased vision sensitivity to light, colors fading and yellowing, impaired night vision, double vision, and data related symptoms such as developing reading difficulties. This condition affects a person's daily and social life very seriously.

No seams in surgery

Currently, the most advanced methods as applied by the phacoemulsification cataract surgeries, opacification of the lens layer by taking the help of ultrasound waves while maintaining the posterior capsule broken down, intraocular lenses are placed. The advantage of this method is the realization of all corneal surgery, a small cross-section and does not put out the stitches. Thus, sewing eye astigmatism patients are getting in a very short time to see the functional does not occur. Patients are able to maintain social life immediately after the operation as normal. After starting block to the person with this technique, see the closure can be made fully operative. Today, people with cataracts, increased the activities of people in less time required to return to their daily lives. Phacoemulsification is the most commonly used method for currently developed countries. The short period of healing, lack of postoperative astigmatism problem, so a successful surgery is low risk of infection is very important for good vision after surgery. Therefore, as a result of the type and quality of the lens into the eye to be quite affecting.

Postoperative care

Cataract surgery is not an operation that requires hospitalization night. The patient is discharged on the same day. 24 hours after the eye bandage is open and able to return to normal life within 48 hours. To be carried out within this period of extreme pressure, it may be supposed to avoid impact. Postoperative important regulation prescribed by the doctor needs glasses between 2-4 weeks. People who have cataract surgery disrupt regular eye examinations between 6-8 months.