Glaucoma (Eye Pressure)

Glaucoma, intraocular pressure of the optic nerve due to the rising gradually leads to permanent vision loss and weight loss is a serious disease. Often seen over 40 years of age. However, infancy, childhood, are also available types seen in teens. Overall, a majority of patients, it is an insidious disorder that leads to blindness without seeing any signs of the disease. After you have made and significant vision loss progressed unnoticed in most patients begin to manifest itself. Because it is not irreversible vision loss occurs when, early diagnosis is very important. Examination by a specialist eye doctor at regular intervals, is the best way for early diagnosis and treatment.



In order to feed the intraocular structures, normally done as a continuous fluid in the eye; This intraocular fluid out of the eye at the same time transferred permanently to some channels. The construction of the ocular fluid and drained out, must remain in balance.

Increased shedding channel blockage or made out; causes the trapped fluid in the eye, then the intraocular pressure increases, the intraocular pressure rises and begins to damage the eye. This is the first structure in the affected eye condition are seeing sensitive nerve fibers. If the damaged optic nerve fibers are seen as irreversible decline that will lead to permanent blindness.



Very high levels leaving the eye pressure is usually insidious progression, no symptoms at all. Immediately start to damage the optic nerve, as these patients are asymptomatic and consult a doctor with permanent vision loss in advanced stage. In case of excessively high eye pressure in patients with rare; decreased vision, pain around the eyes and headache may be a doctor with complaints of red eye area. For these reasons, mostly glaucoma patients attending physician for any other reason, will be held diagnostic examination. Each eye examination, intraocular pressure should be measured. Instrument called a tonometer intraocular pressure is measured. In the diagnosis of glaucoma eye examination performed 3 steps.



It is normally between 10-20 mmHg. To be above 20 mmHg UnAdIr glaucoma favor. There are various devices for measuring the intraocular pressure. Many look to make measurements by direct contact, and are uncomfortable by patients. The new generation of air-puff tonometry devices automatically; is to make reliable measurements by blowing air without touching the eye. In our hospital, the air-puff non-contact tonometer device is available.

2. Fundus examination of:

These nerve fibers are seen in the inspection and examination, tried to be understood that there is damage.



Glaucoma diagnosis of gallstone is the last stage of testing for certain. Reveals exactly whether the damage to the optic nerve is the most important glaucoma test. This test can not be selected in any way without treatment. Additionally, after the initiation of treatment, the course of the disease, response to treatment, whether the improvement in these tests repeated understandable. Glaucoma is a disease of the harmful effects of visual field narrowing his eyes in patients may progress to permanent blindness, visual field impairment tests to investigate whether the contraction.


RISK FACTORS: In the following cases of glaucoma disease is seen more often: advanced age, family history of eye pressure there, smoking, diabetes, hypertension, myopia, long-term steroid therapy, eye injuries, intraocular inflammations (uveitis), advanced cataracts.



There are many different type of glaucoma. But most importantly, 90% frequently seen, the so-called open-angle glaucoma, usually occurring over the age of 40, is watching and insidious type asymptomatic. These patients usually doctoral applicants are after a great negligence permanent loss of vision.

10% often infancy glaucoma, angle-closure glaucoma, glaucoma eye disease that occurs following are available.



It is a disease that is treatable after diagnosis. Destroys the optic nerve is not recognized in time and makes permanent blindness, vision therapy can bring back after this stage, but it helps to maintain the status quo. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment is essential.



3 Phase therapy. i. starts from the stage and move to the next stage of recovery does not appear.



Drugs; or made of reducing the intraocular fluid, or thrown out of the eye by increasing the acts and seek to reduce the intraocular pressure. If treatment is successful intraocular pressure falls, move to step 2 if it does not fall.




The intraocular fluid flowed out of the laser treatment is increased; This method may be able to reduce eye pressure for 2-3 years, but after the eye pressure may rise again. Generally it is preferred to lower down the intraocular pressure before surgery.



Eye pressure does not drop the drugs and laser therapy is the only way glaucoma surgery. Especially increasingly visual field tests are taken to surgery in patients with worsening decision. Surgery performed under local anesthesia, intraocular fluid is forced to leave the eye opens up a new way, so that the liquid is easily left eye and eye pressure drops.