What is migraine

migraine; Beyond the headache is one of the obstacles to pursue his life as usual, and a disease-causing workloss. Comes in and can not be treated migraine attacks can cause prolonged pain for up to 3 days. Usually unilateral, throbbing pain, and changes in these activities are increased and cause nausea and vomiting.

There are multiple types of migraine. Onset form of pain, frequency, is another evidence-ahead to be named according to the duration of the pain and accompanying symptoms. Migraines usually start in the 15-20 years old and 55 years after the frequency gradually decreases. Migraines are considered to be key to the formation of the blood flow changes in the brain.

There is no test or imaging modality to diagnose this disease that causes the most debilitating disease in the world and examination with appropriate treatment approach, however, the diagnosis of migraine is a disease normaldir.bunu possible. However, finding cures for headache patients had admitted to an irrelevant because physicians about this disease is difficult. Especially in our society and, unfortunately, also a part of the medical community, "migraine" is used to describe the headache that will not heal. That does not heal the patient would be ready excuse. However, every patient should look necessarily a neurologist and headache issues should be assessed by the experts. because; There is a reason for every headache and migraine is a disease that is treatable in one of them.