Sara Disease (Epilepsy)

The nerve cells in the brain are electrical discharges caused by the increase in uyarılabilirlikde. Meanwhile, consciousness, behavior, emotion, and perception of movement can cause degradation in different amounts. Although seizure types and in all patients with seizure-frequency range is very variable and usually the same and does not change. The incidence in the population 5-10 thousand people. Childhood and adolescence are increased, then the amount is reduced stroke in the elderly, increases the frequency again with tumors and other causes.

Sara makes the illness and loss of consciousness is possible to do so roughly divided into two types. Besides this disease can appear in hundreds of different ways. In addition, also called CT or MR is possible to distinguish those who are determined to be or problems in the brain.

As epilepsy alone may be a disease, stroke, hemorrhage, tumor, meningitis, blood glucose falls, poisoning, may appear as a symptom of diseases such as cerebral edema. These are usually improved with the treatment of diseases main disease. However, despite the use of multiple antiepileptic drugs did not improve or even decrease the frequency there are even types.

In epilepsy is essentially important to get a good story. So sick and more family seizure should describe very well. Most of the time this is not evidence obtained other than those described. Besides, generally, blood biochemistry in patients presenting with these symptoms, EEG, imaging of the brain is the standard processes are very helpful in the follow-up and treatment.

In our country the most important issues for people with epilepsy and their families; it is considered to be known by public. This is an issue that should be ashamed and evaluation is also very inconvenient for gizlenil wrong and sick. That in developed countries, and indeed contain the disease and the treatment of these patients needs to be done is to carry on the patient side of the warning card. Perhaps because it will save that person's life.

Another important issue is the possibility for epileptic women to have children. These people have no objection to become pregnant. However, these patients should be monitored with a neurologist in epilepsy other than pregnancy. Antiepileptic drugs in doses as low as possible and if possible should be used in a simplified format.

Other important point for patients with seizures under control with the use of drugs; When the leave of the drug. This is question is very important for the patient and family from the beginning to the doctor and the most frequently asked. There is no exact way about it. Because every patient is a different form of the disease itself must assess each patient in itself. But roughly a generalization is made; 3 years and EEG seizure drugs may be cut in a person with reduced and normal. If the problem can not be called repeat seizures disappeared. However, there are some types of seizures that they must use all their lives during the drug, and even seizures in some patients it is impossible to eliminate completely.

As a result, people with epilepsy should be seen by a neurologist and must necessarily be followed. People should not use drugs other than physicians and the life described by this disease