The people are the most disturbing cases of headache pain. There is no one has met with headaches throughout his life. Go inside and on pain symptoms due to hold a very important organ in our interests too often against a finding. Headaches:

1-vascular headache

2-tension-type headache

As 3-traction and inflammatory headaches should examine the three main sub-titles.

  The best known of vascular migraine headaches. In addition, cluster headache in this group, there are also toxic hypertensive vascular headache and pain types.

Tension-type headache; conversive reaction as depression and chronic anxiety during, cervical osteoarthritis and is encountered in chronic myositis.

The traction and enflamtau pain; Tumor, edema, cerebral hemorrhage, eye-ear-nose and teeth diseases, cranial nerve pain, cerebrovascular disease, take the form of facial pain and jaw joint pain we face.

Take a detailed medical history prior to the diagnosis of headache is required. That should be able to describe well the patient's pain. How much time there is, how often it occurs and how long it took, starting from where it spread where, if there is further evidence along and character of the pain is very important. For example, in the 15-20 age more migraine, cluster başağrısı30-50 age, tension-type headache occurs in 20-40 years. 2-8 times a month migraine, chronic daily headache every day, several times a day, cluster headache, tumor or show different characteristics in pain caused by other reasons. Migraine is typically unilateral, but bilateral-common and can change the place. Cluster headaches are typically unilateral and can not be replaced. Tension-type headache is a common form or tape.




First, the diagnosis may not be accurate, appropriate dose of medication or treatment may have been right, some factors such as insomnia-long hunger-stress-fatigued people can be very touching.


must manage. More than 90% of people with these diseases and conditions which resulted in a good way.