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Sexual Dysfunction in Men





1. In which areas may be impaired sexual function in men?

induction-hardening (erection)
ejaculation (ejaculation)
2. Which cases of sexual dysfunction should be considered?

sexual partners against a lack of sexual desire or lack of interest, and if experiencing
Although sexual interest and arousal during sexual desire and erection (erectile sexual organs) does not take place
There are sexual interest and desire and arousal-hardening erection during sexual intercourse, although also not be maintained long enough
Without the merger during sexual intercourse just before the merger as soon as or shorter than expected and desired discharge time period (ejaculation) is happening
ejaculation during sexual intercourse (ejaculation) and expected to have an orgasm, and if the time is longer than desired
3. What is the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in men?

15% of all adult males, lack of sexual desire in 3 out of every 10 men over the age of 50 or absence seems.
Approximately 3 of every 10 adult male premature ejaculation.
At least once a hardening in the sexual life of 90% of men aged around 40 (erection) are reported to encounter problems. Most of them depend on the emerging problem situation and is temporary. Hardening in one third (erection) for weeks or even months to correct the problem goes. Hardening in a significant proportion of men under 40 years of age (erection), the problem can be seen.
Inability to discharge the problem of late-orgasm is often less than the others. Usually seen in middle age and one of the 10 men are experiencing this specific problem.
4. What is the cause of disorders of sexual function in men?


In the majority of sexual dysfunction in men causes, psychological, relational factors or conditions are attached. Performance anxiety is a condition called the most important psychological factor. A small percentage is usually determined physical reasons. This comes at the beginning of the physical causes of adverse drug reactions. Other common physical causes include diabetes mellitus (sugar) disease, vascular disease, alcohol or drug abuse, smoking, endocrine (hormone) are diseases and neurological diseases.

5. In which cases should be referred to a specialist?

problems with sexual function mentioned above specific to only one state (eg. fatigue, excessive alcohol intake, etc.). If not repeat

6. Who should be consulted first about sexual dysfunction?

Primarily for initial evaluation of sexual dysfunction should consult an experienced psychiatrist or urologist. First assessment of psychological problems, relational, it is important that the situation in terms of separation is due or physical origin.

7. How is the path to be followed in the treatment of sexual dysfunction?

First assessment of psychological problems differential diagnosis made, relational, depending on the situation or which is determined to be related to physical reasons.
Physical (drug side effects, diabetes disease, vascular disease, etc.). If a cause is thought to be determined is directed to the section or evaluated by experts on sexual therapy is planned in cooperation with experts and relevant experts.
Depending on the situation (the presence of a significant other stress factors, fatigue, excessive alcohol intake, etc.) is considered to be taken to follow the necessary recommendations.
Relational (spouse or lover about the problems in the relationship) is thought to be family or couple therapy or encouraged to take individual psychotherapy.
If psychological therapy-induced sexual dysfunction sexual thought is applied.
8. What is Sexual therapy?

Sex therapy, sexual problems (sexual dysfunction) includes oriented psychotherapeutic approaches. Information is intended myth correction. Special techniques are taught specific to each sexual dysfunction. Since, it is an average of 1-3 months. Although it can be changed depending on various factors, it is ideal to have at least one meeting per week.

9. Sexual dysfunction can be treated without even?

Relations are good, the treatment of sexual problems in couples who love and trust between them is easier and faster. In contrast, sexual dysfunction is male partner can also be non-sexual therapy.

10. Sexual therapy How effective?

Although the overall probability of treatment with sexual therapy depends on the type of sexual dysfunction is almost 85-90%.

11. What is the role of drug therapy on sexual dysfunction?

Currently, there are drugs used in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. However, the medication should be applied very carefully selected cases. Because especially psychological, relational factors that play a role in drug treatment or condition is not an option due to sexual problems will never be applied to the first and alone. In special cases, some drugs, sexual function in order to benefit from the regulatory effect can be used in temporary control specialist.

12. What happens if sexual dysfunction treated?

Sexual dysfunction, especially in men is perceived as an important psychological trauma and causes the reduction of self-worth. With the chronicity of the problem may occur secondary depressive symptoms and problems may become more complex. Disrupted sleep patterns, reduced attention and concentration ability, to enjoy life in general as the ratio falls occur in a state of apathy and reluctance against other needs of daily life. As a result, you can start to make it unbearable being reflected in other areas of life issues in the sexual field.


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