Men's Health

Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculation (ejaculation) is the inability to control the timing and frequent in this case the penis into the vagina or sexual responses immediately after entering the state be able to satisfy a partner ejaculated sperm from normal.


One-third of young men under the age of 25 and are not observed in those of 10% over 40 years.
In fact just a part of life for every man can encounter this problem. At least visible tension due to premature ejaculation occurring during the first sexual experiences and learn to control the ejaculation time.
The main cause of premature ejaculation is biologically normal ejaculation and orgasm penis enters the vagina after man is after 2-3 minutes. However, women in the normal orgasm and climax is reached after about 12-14 minutes after the penis enters the vagina. Other factors include the sin or guilt, contracting the disease, psychological factors such as stress plays an important role given the excess demand.

Sometimes it plays a role in inflammatory disease affecting the prostate or neural pathways.

  Premature ejaculation is one of the spouses or sexual problems should be treated if it takes the form of both.

To expose the reason, the elimination of anxiety, frequent sexual intercourse to reduce the sexual tension bulunarak can sometimes work.

Psychotherapy and therapeutic approach in the treatment of depression in some cases it may be effective premature ejaculation is caused by a conflict in the deep spiritual or depression. They expose, psychotherapy or treatment of depression applied premature ejaculation can be prevented.

Some behaviors and may be effective in some positions can be recommended by the physician.