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Hair Transplantation Need to Know

Hair make up the human view, the most important is unsurlardandır.v has been demonstrated in a loss of human our usual hair tool negative psychological feelings by changing the appearance of the individuals of getirir.saç transplant along with the person's psychological functions of a scientific study performed by the fix.

Mostly that existed since birth, so we used our hair is unfortunately a particular team spill başlar.dökül pace with hormonal causes in men ages 20-25 with mainly determined by genetic factors are present, albeit less than the role of environmental factors.

with developing technology thinner, the development of more refined hair planting methods and thanks to them are applied by experienced doctors were taken very good results and was no longer involved in the persistence of hair loss history.

transplantation is currently the single most effective treatment for baldness hair.

Hair transplant hair transplantation is successfully placed uygulanmaktadır. the common roots of the hair from the nape of the FUE method we applied using special micromotor never fully alınır.t without a trace or hair roots into the rarefied area opens fine channels with kiliniği our different ways.

In terms of blood supply to the hair texture as the aktiftir.transf than most of our body hair texture adapt olur.8-10 environment in which average 24-48 hours a week to move back hair features begin to appear in the feature.

If the plantation average 4-8 hours sürer.tıbb angle than done in a reliable yöntemdir.tecrübel hand no side effects done with yoktur.lokal anesthesia and the patient is definitely where the pain duymaz.saç sowing and place in which the hair can not distinguish from the trace kalmaz.çık hair maternal hair -.Other grows with your hair is permanent and we will be transported by special techniques dökülmezler.kullan maximum number of hair follicles in a single session divided into mikrogreft often we do for planting usually in a single session saçlandırıl bald areas.

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