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Erectile Dysfunction

Normal neural stimulation for an erection to occur, a strong veining, you need a proper hormonal function and mental state.


CAUSES OF Erectile Dysfunction:

Psychic reason: Partner with due cause (jealousy, infidelity ...)
Condition due to reasons are: basic training, unsuitable environment
For reasons connected to personality: lack of self-esteem, depressive neurosis, occupational stress
Psychoses: schizophrenia, endogenous gelişendepresyo the
Unconscious reasons are: fears, guilt, secret homosexuality
İlaça connected reasons: Alcohol and toxic causes, alcohol, nicotine addiction, antihypertensives, cardiac drugs, diuretics, H2 blockers, antidepressants, antiepileptics, drug addiction
CAUSES OF VASCULAR (vascular causes are):

Artery (artery): General arteriosclerosis (narrowing of arteries), diabetes is one of the reasons due to otitis media visit commonly vasculopathy.
Venous (vein): Venous insufficiency (venous leakage)
Endocrine (hormone) causes are:
-Hipotalamus And pituitary disorders (disorders in hormone secreted from the brain), FSH, LH, testosterone is low.
Disturbances in hormone release from -Testis
-Hiperprolaktine me
-Diabetes Mellitus (diabetes)
-Guat is
Neurological reasons are:
-Nöropat (Nerve damage): (alcohol addiction, diabetes patients)
-MSS (Central nervous system diseases): MS, brain tumors, brain hemorrhage
-Trav Up: Head trauma
-Paraplej Of: erection center in the spinal cord lesions on
Scrub: In intracranial surgery, spinal surgery in
Diseases of the penis:
Penis injuries, their penis curves
General Description of erectile dysfunction:

Diseases that have had the patient, STDs, accidents, which have undergone the surgery, the relationship with the partner, sexual desire TFP, relationships frequency, the frequency of erections, morning erections is questionable.
Physical examination: the size of the penis, injuries, curvature, the size of the testicles, hardness, the size of the prostate is evaluated.
Neurological examination neuropathy (nerve damage) symptoms assessed. Tingling, burning pain, reflex in the reduction or loss, are assessed feeling sensations of limitation.
As Research: assessed by color Doppler ultrasound of the penis artery and vein and the current situation in which the most help us, easy, is a method.
Nocturnal penile tumescence measurement (measuring hardening that occurs during sleep at night) is normal erection at night 4-6. At night there is an organic disorder that does not have an erection.

Doppler vascular origin after an erectile dysfunction do not have any problem with the blood flow rule edilir.böyle of psychological, neurological or search for reasons related to drugs.

For psychological reasons are: psychotherapy (behavior therapy, speech therapy, seksüeldanış and sexual therapy) and applied the appropriate drug tedevi. For reasons related to the drug: discontinuation of the drug and, if appropriate drug therapy are applied.

For vascular or neurogenic causes are: the treatment with Viagra and similar drugs supportive treatment applied and penile prosthesis does not get results from them (joy stick) is the most appropriate treatment to be applied.

Earlier in are the most common cause of vascular problems of erectile dysfunction as mentioned and also diabetd build it (diabetes) disease can not be identified early and are not treated well enough, deformation occurring case in a result oluşabilir.damar not done a good follow-up if you will interfere with the effectiveness of viagra vs drugs the more effective treatment which is then penile prosthesis in our hands and the last one that applies.
Today, easy to use by the patient prosthesis models that succeed geliştirilmiştir.dig the treatment of erection problems and solve cases of penile prostheses.