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Nasal Congestion Attention

Headache, nasal congestion and runny nose that manifest itself and quality of life adversely affecting facilitate the development of this disease and the difficult nasal congestion treatment should be considered in all sinusitis patients a durum.kulak, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgery Expert Op. Gave information about the subject is dr.bah Barnes.


Exp. Dr. Mithat Topal "Sinusitis is an inflammation of that sine of air space between the bones of the face. Face also causes a pain throbbing, nasal congestion and postnasal drip accompanied eder.baş pain is usually caused from sinusitis? Just in case you will be asked: No, this statement is incorrect. approximately 85 percent of the majority of headaches are tension-type headache, and 5 percent is acquired sinusitis. of course there are other reasons as well. '' he said.
Exp. Dr. Mithat Topal, 'yet the treatment of sinusitis, especially fever may develop after influenza. We can say that in the winter disease in a direction sinusitis we caught more often cold in winter but in the summer period, which is sinusitis and you are going sinusitis despite many patients var.uyg treatment suffer from this condition often underlying there is always a reason. Or curvature of the bone that nasal obstruction, nasal or gingival enlargement is causing people allergic sinusitis structure. Rarely, there may be other reasons of course, investigate gerekir.sinüs infection and inflammation of the surrounding tissue if the facial bones that spread to the bone structure, blindness can cause meningitis and brain abscess. These are extremely dangerous situation and need immediate treatment. Sinusitis, a condition in children should be monitored carefully. '' He said.

Exp. Dr. Mithat Topal, '' The Treatment of tricks are as follows: Appropriate use of antibiotics may be necessary. The supportive treatment can be given next. Duration of treatment in acute cases usually ranges between 10-14 days. In chronic cases, drug therapy should be continued for a month. Your nasal discharge lasting more than 7 days or prolonged colds, flu, your chances are very high if you have sinusitis. Therefore, cold Do not underrate, where you avoid the chronic alın.hastalıg necessarily, need surgery fails to respond to drug treatment. Sinus channels to restore the ventilation of the sinuses are cleared by endoscopic sinus surgery. If eye infection, if your brain and spread to the surrounding bone structure that enters the surgical treatment of postoperative complications circuit. Surgical treatment of chronic bacterial sinusitis is quite satisfactory. '' He said.
Exp. Dr. Mithat Topal, '' our immune system, lowers our resistance to protect them from sinusitis due to fatigue, insomnia, and must abstain from malnutrition. Nasal obstruction should be treated. In addition, cold air should not go through the wet hair. The humidity of the air in our homes and workplaces should not be too low. Let us pay particular attention to prolonged flu and fever ... '' he said.
Exp. Dr. Mithat Topal finally added the following to say: 'nose curvature of the middle section of cartilage and bone in the inner part that is a very important reason for the deviation. Nasal polyps occur in the meat growth and also makes people allergic nasal congestion. Smoking and air pollution also disrupts the important reasons arasındadır.sigar to smoke in the nose and sinus cleaning function. Thus, particles and dust remains in the nose causes ödemlen touch in this case the nose inner surface, nose meat need good ventilation in order to maintain the function of the sinus before swelling büyür.herşey, sinus ventilation in nasal obstruction can develop sinusitis because it adversely affected. In addition, the formation of the congestion in the channel that drains the fluid in the sinuses regularly predispose to sinusitis. Therefore, it is often important to find the underlying cause of nasal obstruction to prevent and treat recurrent sinusitis attacks. '' He said.