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Attention To Pain in The Postprandial!

One of the most frequently affecting the problem of the digestive system and often are detected incidentally in pulled abdominal ultrasonography during another health problem or a check-up for gallstones seen in 10 out of every 100 people is often symptom-making in society. The most common symptom when the "severe abdominal pain" and it shows.


Abdominal pain is usually fatty foods like fries, eggs, chocolate, and coffee consumption is growing after. The reason for causing the contraction of the gallbladder of such foods. Op. Dr. Altunalan difficult when too late in the treatment of gallbladder stones 'deadly' said can create tables, so 'abdominal pain' never warn that should not be ignored!

Women are seen 2 times more!
Formed in the gall bladder stone in the development of age and gender constitute important factors. Women in particular are seen 2 times more than men after age 30. The pregnancy is thought to be due to nutritional and hormonal factors. In addition, obesity, certain drugs, hormone therapy, diet, inflammatory bowel disease, stomach surgery, and increases the risk of certain blood disorders.

Cause of severe abdominal pain, "gallstones" may be!
Does not specify the 70-80 percent of gallstones and therefore are detected incidentally in tests for other health problems. Although the changes created by the gallstone symptoms, the most typical symptom of the patient's quality of life forms in reducing serious and sudden severe abdominal pain. Pain in the right upper or middle part of the abdomen is heard, the right shoulder or back propagation show, disappear within 2-3 hours. Sometimes the pain can be accompanied by nausea. If this case goes to accompany the inflammatory process starts then fired pain. Some patients without pain, just indigestion, bloating, nausea and vomiting as symptoms appear.

Can be fatal if treatment late in the thick
The only solution to get rid of gall bladder stone surgery! Op. Dr. Tough Altunalan, gallstones in operation certainly warned that it should not be ignored now marshalled problems that may occur following the bold "by blocking the output of the stones gallbladder 'gallbladder inflammation' and perforation of the gallbladder that can create life-threatening accordingly and can lead to abscess around the gallbladder. It can also develop from the gallbladder to the intestine through the intestinal obstruction. These as well as gall to fall into the common bile duct of a small stone in the bladder or as a result of blocking the channels of developing stones in the bile duct, which is characterized by the accumulation of bile in the body obstructive jaundice, inflammation of the pancreas gland or can be potentially lethal statements such as infection of the bile duct. "