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Air Quality is Prevents Disease

The lack of air quality is a recipe for influenza. Indoors, indoor air quality is the main factor affecting the people. "Man is a major air pollutants. Especially when a person with flu-like illness spread by respiratory sneeze environment and moves it emits particles 1 million 40 thousand of them germs and viruses. Mechanically ventilated so the possibility of transmission of diseases such as influenza, held in high ambient indoor air quality significantly reduced. "He said.


We spend our time indoors almost 90 percent of healthy fresh air that expressed our most important vital need Tari, "Indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than the outside environment. Therefore, indoor air quality should be measured continuously, must be checked and must be renewed. Healthy fresh air is the most important need for human health. Indoor air quality is to clean the air. "He said.

A man which is in physically rest hour to 500 liters (during an average life of approximately 300 million liters) Did you know that inhalation of air, "when we are physically active, at the time according to the difficulty of the work we inhale more than 500 liters of air. So we need to get outside of our biological being 84 to maintain a healthy clean air. Healthy Breathing clean air is our most important needs. Quality of the air we breathe, at least as important as the food we consume.

Indoor Air Quality, Respiratory Diseases at the trigger
Indoor air quality deterioration in respiratory function of the lack of road opens, the lack of indoor air quality while causing an increase in respiratory diseases, chronic respiratory diseases exacerbate the people with the disease.
We used the indoor air quality perfume, deodorant, etc. goods from, cooking and so on. we use in our activities or when cleaning can be affected due to the cleaners.

"The lack of measures taken or related to indoor air quality leads to an increase of carbon dioxide. Over 1000 ppm of carbon dioxide; respiratory disorders, sleep request causes headaches and concentration disorder. Frequent and prolonged over 2500 ppm of carbon dioxide to the left, leading to severe and irreversible health problems. Eye, heart, respiratory system, causing permanent damage to the formation of our vital organs such as the brain. "