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What are hemorrhoids?

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, high in the anus and lower hemorrhoidal varices toplar- are shaped enlargement of the veins.


How can Hernoroidal disease?

In most cases, a specific etiologic factors can be drawn. However, preparing and disease has long been known that there are a number of factors started.

It is thought to play a role in the formation of hemorrhoids the family inheritance. The disease has been reported to occur more frequently in workers standing. Frequent occurrence of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, the growing uterus can compress the veins of the pelvis is explained by the difficult venous circulation. In the pathogenesis of chronic constipation and diarrhea are believed roloyna.



clinical presentation

They refer to the physician because most of the patients bleeding.

Bleeding is bright red in color and does not interfere with the stool; fecal contamination in the form and drip. If bleeding continues for a long .sür although less may lead to anemia.


Hemroid are divided into internal and external:

Internal hemorrhoids are initially hangs out of the anus with defecation and defecation but spontaneously walked to the end of the packer and stand kaybolurlar.giderek such places outside of defecation, or straining while outside. Packer can stay in shape during this period consistently sagged out of the anus. -for Hemorrhoids, bleeding form the main symptoms and sag out (prolapse) are divided into four stages based on


Stage 1 bleeding

Grade 2 bleeding, prolapse (during defecation)

Grade 3 bleeding, prolapse (manually requires reduction), anal moisture in the area, sometimes itch

Grade 4 bleeding, prolapse (permanent and can not be reduced and hands), pain, wetness, mucus secretion, thrombosis


Thrombosed external hemorrhoids and anal edge morumtırak colored ridges with karakterizedir.dış hemorrhoids pain occurs in young and healthy people than the rise in cases where venous pressure (something heavy lifting, coughing, sneezing, straining).
Differential diagnosis of anal itching, anal fissure, anal fistula, hypertrophic papillae, condyloma akümünat a, proctitis, tumor, inflammatory bowel disease, rectal prolapse, should be considered with portal hypertension and prostate enlargement. This can be considered as hemorrhoids or they can be seen by any of the patients of the disease with genuine hemorrhoids. Therefore, a detailed history and physical examination of the patient are important.



The treatment of hemorrhoids is internal or external hemorrhoids, and most important stage is planned in accordance with the patient's complaints.





Internal hemorrhoids are:


You do not need treatment for hemorrhoids without any symptom.

Haemorrhage, symptoms such as pain and itching conservative (medical) in the middle with the method will be removed. After the majority of hemorrhoids during pregnancy birth would disappear, they are applied in the symptomatic treatment. Ointments and suppositories used for this purpose provides anesthesia and stop the bleeding. Soft, bulky stool subtraction of patients with plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, wholegrain foods and tried to be provided with the necessary medicines. In addition, changes in bowel habit (diarrhea, constipation) are removed.

That serious of symptoms, he often repeated and applied in surgical cases that do not respond to medical therapy. Surgical treatment of classical hemorrhoidectomy, band ligation involves photocoagulation and sclerotherapy. Today, other treatments have to find them Although there are more fans.


The planning of surgical treatment on the basis of take esastır.b the stage of hemorrhoids can be seen only bleeding and intermittent prolapse 1st and 2nd stage of hemorrhoids and partly ligation band in the treatment of 3.evr hemorrhoids, caught photocoagulation or methods, such as skıeroterap kullanı ligation of hemorrhoids a special tool tightly behind a tire atılır.b of the deteriorating nutrition düşer.fotokoagülasyo hemorrhoids spontaneously in 5-15 days if photocoagulator determined hemorrhoids-burned. Sclerosing agent is injected under the hemorrhoids hemorrhoids sclerotherapy in nutrition ufalarak deteriorates and becomes sclerotic days. All hemorrhoids may be treated in a single session and may require consecutive sessions. Patients treated with this method can be discharged in the same day under suitable conditions. The stages 3 and 4 require conventional surgery.

In this method, hemorrhoids completely covered with excised occurring mucosal defect absorbable suture .This process in trauma patients hospitalized for 1-2 days to be bigger but definite cure rate is over 95%, and appropriate surgical technique.



External hemorrhoids:

Treatment of external hemorrhoids or conservative (rest, 3-4 days with warm dressing and painkillers) or cut the skin under local anesthesia on the lesion (incision) is provided by way of surgical evacuation of the hematoma. Surgical treatment, both atoms must be made within the first 48-72 hours of the onset of the organization.

Surgery in our clinic is available all methods mentioned are applied.