What is eczema and why it occurs?

Eczema is an inflammation of the skin caused by the irrigation. Manifested by itching and rash. reason; allergic reactions like may be psychological or skin may be irritated substances. It is also hereditary in some people. Eczema may also occur because of a drug administered timeless. Eczema in housewives (hand eczema) in potassium dichromate bleach to, the various bleaches, and even depends on the rubber gloves. One of the most common from of contact eczema and hair dye cosmetic (money group) comes forward. Beauty preparations, particularly when they are fragrant, can cause numerous facial eczema. There is a special place of nail polish, does eczema in quotes, but the eyelids yapar.giysi eczema are usually made by high income from rubber and synthetic fabrics. Eczema often come forward in the neck of wearing high collared cardigan. Foot eczema can be caused by shoes. Microbial or fungal infection, eczema origin. But the infection has caused me to eczema, or is a result of me being infected eczema infection, is difficult to predict.

Can be seen almost anywhere in the body and are named according to their location. The first principle of treatment; not to worry, and not scratching eczema places. Also, you need to stay as far away as the water and the soap water. Rivanoll permanganate water and water is used instead of water. Lent is done. Spicy, spicy and inedible fat.

Eczema treatment like?

Eczema is not a serious disease that can be considered dangerous; but may be uncomfortable. Eczema of income not to scratch the wound at the beginning of the measures they should take to stay. Hand eczema in babies with the cotton fingerless gloves sewn from hand eczema can be avoided by passing them scratching their place. Especially for people with eczema should avoid having herpes disease. Eczema skin, against herpes simplex herpes virus-resistant; Given the virus can spread infection.

The people have had eczema or eczema skin is very sensitive. Therefore, they should avoid irritants. Leftovers to work with such substances should be protected with rubber gloves and face mask as simple measures; young people choosing a career oils, dyes, and should choose the profession they had to work with materials such as shampoo. Eczema cause of allergy agents may be present, is sufficient to protect the patient that substance. Eczema is a baby, given cow's milk, cow's milk to cut or breast milk should be given or goat's milk (which is found to cause less allergy compared to cow's milk) and must be fed one with beef as special milk powder.

Unexplained If this is in the children's eczema to use wool fabrics in children's clothing, to avoid too frequent washing the skin dry prone possible, to prevent infection and self-care to the cleaning of both the environment and it is useful to use a special soap.

There are many drugs that can be used in the treatment of eczema. Doctors zinc compounds and cortisone ointment for eczema skin where driven by the proposal; but these ointments should not be used for a long time will irritate the skin. Also antihistamines to reduce itching with ointment, to prevent the cracking skin dries eczema by increasing the skin's water content with urea ointment to prevent skin to crack dries, used in the treatment of asthma "sodyumkromoglikat" contains a substance called it is possible to prevent allergies by taking the drug. People scratching their eczema is almost impossible, short nails, clean and well-kept holding, reducing damage a little bit. Eczema is a disease that is not heavy enough to require hospital treatment but may be useful for hospitalization of patients cared enough to see at home.

50 percent of children with eczema before the age of six, and 90 percent get rid of eczema when they reach puberty. However, other allergic diseases such as eczema, you can repeat years after an unexpected recovery time. Emotional problems can lead to duplication of stress and distress eczema. More careful consideration of the diseases of eczema, eczema top very deducting child, creating stress can aggravate the disease altogether. Today, although fully treat eczema can be relieved and placed under control. Best of all, by not care too much, you will be protected from emotional distress brought by the disease.