What is acne, what are the reasons?

Acne is a disease deep within the sebaceous glands. During adolescence the face, chest and in the back is a spotty skin diseases. Usually hormonal adolescence have a more intense as that sebaceous gland secretes oil, clogged channels that the transition to the surface because of the concentrated fat mass. The main reason for acne is the blockage. Encounters oxygen topmost part of the oil mass, blackheads (comedones) occurs.

How our skin temizlesek also found many bacteria. These bacteria cause inflammation of the sebaceous glands which contain occluded by entering the channel is blocked sebaceous glands and is called acne active phase of this stage. Usually percent; sometimes be seen on chest and back. Other causes of acne:
Genetic factors (the presence of large pores in the skin as hereditary and large oil / presence of sebaceous glands), stress, certain medications, the use of some cosmetics

The causes of acne should be treated?

The ultimate aim of treatment is to prevent the formation trail. If the formation of the tracks early in the doctor entered and the possibility of the spread of acne control is reduced considerably. This marks the future will lead to an unpleasant image from will sometimes need to be treated to be treated because it can cause serious psychological problems.

What are the types of acne?

- Non-inflammatory:
. open comedones (blackheads).
. closed comedones (white oil buttons)
. inflamed cyst

- Inflamed ones:
. papules (red, raised bumps)
. pustule (intra-purulent, puffy swellings)
. inflamed cysts (deep red, painful swellings)

Acne treatment should be how to do?

Whether mild acne, whether on information must be given to you by your doctor to get a controlled and safe manner should be treated seriously.

Treatment may include medications to take acne. According to the level of superficial acne medications (applied directly to the skin surface) or systemic medications (medications that are taken by mouth) prescribed by the physician. In some cases a combination of both can be applied to superficial systemic drugs.