What is the cause of psoriasis?

The cause is unknown. However, recent research that trigger inflammation in the event of an abnormality found in the blood of white blood cells and suggest that led to the development of the disease. Due to an inflammation of the skin is poured three to four days. This is normally seven to eight times faster. Patients scratching the skin, peeling, or 10-14 days after the notice of injury from excessive sunburn mottling style that the appearance of new plaques. Psoriasis is also, after some infections such as strep throat can earn activity with the purchase of certain drugs. Exacerbations occur in the winter because of dry skin and reduced sunlight.

Types of psoriasis

This disease can manifest in various forms. The shape of this form of disease, severity, persistence time, have different characteristics in terms of settlement. The most common form begins with a small red wheals vardır.giderek expansion and crusting occurs. These small red areas when the shells are removed.

Knees, elbows, groin and genitals, arms, legs, palms and soles, scalp, the folds of the body are most commonly affected by psoriasis.
If depressions shaped spot on the nail psoriasis occurs. Nail bed thickens, takes a look cheesy. Treatment is difficult.
In the armpits, the groin area, genitals, unusual style can be seen in the lower chest psoriasis.
Guttate psoriasis is often seen following a sore throat. Often children are affected. Body numerous small, red, scaly patches appear. Disappear spontaneously within weeks or months.
In people with psoriasis and other inflammatory joint complaints are seen in up to 30%. Due to the events in various joint inflammation occurs in 5-10% functional limitations. The arthritis in some people can be worse when the skin involvement. Sometimes it also improves the skin improves joint complaints.
How is the diagnosis?

A skin disease psoriasis can readily identify with expert physical examination. If confirmed by biopsy if in doubt.

How is it treated?

Aim is to reduce inflammation and control the crust deep loss. Moisturizing creams and lotions help to control the removal of scales on the skin and itching. A special diet is not required in the treatment of psoriasis. Treatment, general health of the patient, age, lifestyle and planned considering the severity of psoriasis. Several types of treatment may be required and the doctor is required to comply with the proposed controls. Doctor, cortisone-like products to apply on the skin, synthetic vitamin D, containing tar or anthralin may prescribe medications. These may be used in combination with sunlight or ultraviolet light. In the treatment of the most severe forms of psoriasis medication may be required to be taken orally. This treatment may be recommended in addition to sunlight. Many patients benefit from the sunlight. However, caution should be exercised during this application. Stay in the sun can aggravate the extreme illness. Of course, a similar treatment with ultraviolet light is used to sunlight that can be applied by a dermatologist at the office or a hospital.

Treatment types:

Steroids (cortisone); Cortisone creams, ointments or lotions in many patients temporarily helps to eliminate the disease. Genital area, groin, and strength in the face of such sensitive species should be preferred cortisone weaker. More powerful cortisone scalp, knees and elbows should be used in areas such as the palms and soles. Over after he proposed to effect further enhancing drugs in this area can be covered with a thin plastic film. These are the drugs to be used with caution in skin disease control experts. Among the side effects of cortisone drugs with strong content, thinning of the skin, dilated blood vessels, and skin color changes. Abrupt withdrawal of these drugs can cause a flare of the disease. Months after treatment while continuing to develop resistance to products containing cortisone. Skin diseases can inject cortisone into the area, which are very resistant to treatment specialist. To avoid side effects that need to be done in small amounts.

Treatment applied to the scalp; Treatment of psoriasis on the scalp, disease severity, length of hair and is planned according to the patient's lifestyle. Can be taken with prescription or over the counter are numerous shampoos and solutions. Many of them contain tar and cortisone. From shampoo the scalp of the patient and refrain from harshly slammed.

Antral; Thick rind is preferably a medicament for the treatment of psoriasis wounds. May cause irritation of the skin, and clothing can paint temporarily. New products and new methods of treatment have reduced these side effects.

Vitamin D; Calcipotriene is a synthetic vitamin D derivative. Disease in combination with other therapy in people with certain limited area. In order to be protected from the adverse effects need to use a certain amount. There is no benefit in the treatment of the normal vitamin D.

Coal tar; Been used for centuries in the treatment of psoriasis. Today, improved products are used more comfortable.

Goecker therapy; Coal tar and severe forms of the disease is the combined use of ultraviolet light. Treatment is administered daily in specialized centers. Ultraviolet light exposure time may vary depending on the disease and the person's sensitivity.

Light therapy; Sunlight and reduces the growth rate of skin cells to ultraviolet. These skin wrinkles when applied, although they may cause eye damage and skin cancer are highly effective and safe medical supervision. Thanks to private rooms for individuals with psoriasis in the entire body surface applied to the whole body light. Sun bath is advisable for people living in hot climates. Always a treat skin diseases such light before the expert advice should be sought.

PUVA; Not responded to other treatment of psoriasis and widespread method of treatment if it is effective in 85-90% of cases. Name, psoralen and "UVA" consists of a combination of the words. Patients include a drug called psoralen and ultraviolet, which is a special form is exposed to a carefully measured amount of UVA. It takes approximately 25 times within 2 to 3 months of treatment. In order to keep control of psoriasis need to be applied for about 30 to 40 times a year. Received psoralen substance to accumulate in the lens of the eye, patients must wear UVA treatment alırlarken sun sinks upward until proof sunglasses. Long PUVA treatment of skin aging, wrinkles, and increase the risk of cancer development. Dermatologist should follow carefully the PUVA therapy.

methotrexate; Cancer is an orally administered drug in the treatment. In case of failure of other treatment method enables the rapid decline of psoriasis. Blood tests at regular intervals because the side effects, particularly liver disease should be performed. Chest radiography and occasionally you may need a liver biopsy. Stomach discomfort, nausea, dizziness and lightheadedness are other side effects.

Retinoids; Orally administered vitamin A derivative drugs. Severe psoriasis is used alone or in combination with ultraviolet light treatment. The skin, eyes and lips dry, elevated blood fat, thin bony protrusion formation are among the side effects. Will lead to a variety of symptoms in the child to be born drug in pregnant women can become pregnant during therapy or treatment should not be used in women planning to become pregnant within 3 years after cessation. Regular blood tests should be performed in individuals who started the drug.

Cyclosporine; Suppressing the body's immune system as a medicament. Organ transplant (liver, kidney, etc.) made in person used to prevent rejection of transplanted organs of the body. In cases where other treatment methods have failed is used in severe psoriasis. Renal failure, should be monitored by blood tests done at regular intervals because of potential side effects such as increase in blood pressure.

Methods of treatment which in the research phase; Although of great utility in the control of disease treatment described above, no treatment method does not allow to treat the disease to emerge again. In recent years, particularly being studied drugs which act on the immune system. In particular, shed light on the new treatment is to fully determine the cause of the disease.