What is ringworm, fungal infections of the skin on

This disease is passed by direct contact and schools because it is contagious diseases are easily accessible to door swimming pools and baths. Usually especially between the toes, young adults between the perineum, can be found frequently in the beard area of dealing with Sığırlı.

Fungus Disease Symptoms

If it's in the head disease, environmental red ago, the middle white, round an area appears, then spread widens the field. In the toes, with itching and discomfort, between the toes wet, white, dead skin fragments are observed.

Fungus Disease Process

At first, the yeast hair roots until hair of dulling the scroll causes the weakening and breakage. In these regions, the hair is sparse compared to other regions. If untreated, the disease can be deposited on the toes of the patient as a cause of severe eczema cases.

Fungus Disease Treatment

For fungal infections, the head is driven undecylenic acid compound as a cream and oral griseofulvin. If you have eczema or an inflammatory condition in the toe, before it should be treated. The toes of the infecting fungus is almost impossible to completely destroy. However, affected by the fungicide. Also, frequently change socks, feet and take control of at least two times a day to wash and keep cool diseases.

Nail Fungus, fungal infection of the nails

Mostly seen in the big toe.

Nail Fungus Symptoms

Besides the color and shape of the nail thickening disorder is seen. Scroll to the bottom of thickening of the free edge of the nail.

Nail Fungus Treatment of Disease

Used antibiotic called griseofulvin as inflammation of the nail until renewed.

What rolls Disease, Finger Dolama

Is an inflammation occurring in the nailfold and is very common. In particular, often seen as a result of manicure.

Nail Dolama Symptoms: a red swelling occurs in the bottom of the nail. There are mild fever and burning fingers.

Previously rolls painful swelling, inflammatory formation after in-white (abscess) will return. Untreated nail drops.

Wrap Treatment

Drug therapy. The slit opening abscesses should be cleaned where necessary and inflammation.

Standing mushroom is one of the most common superficial fungal diseases.

Frequent washing of the feet of paying attention to dry, rubber shoes, more contact with the feet so that water will facilitate the professional development of fungi in continuous sweating feet. Shoes slippers, sharing of materials such as socks main »source of contamination is so boarding schools, dormitories, and can be seen widely in the barracks. Can infection among family members.

Athlete's foot can manifest itself in a variety of symptoms, redness, dryness, cracking, pruritus is spotty lesions observed. Athlete's foot fungus can be seen in the hands of.
Athlete's foot can not complain except a mild itching in patients. So now usually referred to a physician. However, they should delay may cause other illnesses.
Foot fungus formation elimination of predisposing factors to prevent the (wet-sweaty environment, diabetes, tire wear) and the goods must be worn on the feet Diligence in common use.

To avoid the recurrence of shoes and slippers mushrooms shelter for months after treatment may need cleaning so that the doctor would advise these items.