Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common ailment. Problems in hair form an important part of the external display and physical, and psychological disturbance data. Hair loss may spread to the entire scalp or may be localized in a few areas; This may occur in the form of destruction of permanent or temporary periodic spills. The community needs to stand on two of the most common types of hair loss.

Which type of hair loss is normal and does not require treatment?
Childbirth, febrile illness and severe disease, seen in 2-3 months after hair loss conditions such as injury or surgery. Sometimes used to treat thyroid drugs, vitamin A, used in cancer treatment drugs cause spillage. Such loss in the scalp is normal. You do not need treatment, the hair is usually self-explanatory.

What is male pattern hair loss?
Male pattern hair loss is often seen in men, but also women began to be seen frequently in recent years, is a disease in which the temples and the top hair thinning or completely shed. Such loss in men is known as male pattern baldness or hereditary hair loss has become more visible. This type of hair loss in men is seen in the temples and the crown. In women, hair thinning seen in the whole of the upper part of the scalp. Premature hair thinning at the edges of the area where the thin, short, tapered end is located right hair.

Normally, how much is poured into our hair?
After washing the hair loss is normal up to 100 days to 200. Loss on this issue is not normal and should be evaluated by a dermatologist.

What are the growing loss due to internal medicine?
Anemia due to iron deficiency, hair poured in diseases such as goiter. This case should be treated to stop the loss of the underlying disease.

What kind of hair loss hair is breaking and how is it treated?
Popularly known as breaking hair, alopecia areata is the disease that has well-defined areas of hair in the form of money poured completely. Application of treatment with cortisone creams off application, cortisone injections can be the bald areas. Sometimes systemic cortisone treatment applied. In addition, some medications can also be used to stimulate hair regrowth treatment. In this type of hair loss should be referred to a dermatologist certainly.

How is the treatment of male pattern hair loss?
The treatment minoxidil 2% solution 2 times a day implementation period of 6 months, 30% of men, the more the women, the difference would be capable of cosmetic hair regrowth. Best answer in hair thinning is, taken in baldness undeveloped patients. Etkilidir.dig treatment in older women who are also in this treatment for hair loss is the use of a once-daily pill containing finasteride by the male patients. Finasteride hair follicles active male hormone is effective in preventing formation.

Women with acne with loss, body hair growth, menstrual irregularities should be done if the problems are deeper research by a dermatologist. This treatment had not responded to hair transplants from the region close to the nape of the neck in patients with early planted in the front part of the hair in case of small pieces of skin containing hair follicles 1-2

Zinc deficiency and hair loss
In stunted growth in children and adults with zinc deficiency leads to hair loss. Zinc is present in most foods. However, the benefit of human zinc in some of them is difficult (due to lack of absorption). Zinc absorption in animal foods are generally higher than in plant foods. Especially meat, cheese, liver are rich in zinc. The vegetable food almonds, walnuts, wheat, bulgur and mushrooms are rich in zinc.

Autumn in normal hair loss
Day seen in the autumn of 100 to 150 wire hair loss is normal. Not well fed during this period. We do not get enough vitamin due to the reduction of fruit and vegetables. Instead of autumn in the hair will begin to emerge for the new body to adapt to the cold in the winter. The new hair it alive in the spring, will become apparent. If you are still a lot of hair falling when winter came, then it is good to go to a skin doctor. In this case, nutritious and vitamin shampoos recommend to people. With the start of the hair bulb to cool the air in the autumn will be shrinking and shrinking. Nourish the hair in the hair bulb when small blood vessels are also smaller than the old measure. Therefore, the hair becomes less fed. After a while it came, adequate nutrition begins to hair loss. Hair does not matter whether short or long. But the loss in some people may not realize to be less. Especially that fat people are fat, less affected by this situation. Until the body becomes accustomed to pour cold. In particular, the need to protect hair from the cold in winter, so it should not go out with wet hair.

Androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness)
Scalp in certain parts of the developing symmetrical, which is common form of hair loss in men. Hair loss starts from the temple, and moving toward the hill. Reduction in the number of hair, thinning, shortening strikes the eye. In women, the hair usually be cılızlaş gives evidence in the form of dilution. We find that 70% of men in the loss against 10% of women emerges. Usually starts at the end of 20 s UAS, the speed of the spill will proceed at different speeds and sometimes change under the impact of individual environmental factors. This type of loss can progress to the opening of all the hills and in severe cases can cause a person to the development of psychological problems.