Cardiovascular Health

Protect Your Heart

Cardiovascular disease is increasing the incidence of and risk factors for preventing these diseases will constitute an important step voicing Cardiology Specialist. Dr. Hasan Sahin; 'Unfortunately many residents a society. First, we need to replace it; less eat more than we should have walked and stopped smoking. "he said.


Maintaining Your Heart Health Specialist 5 Suggestions for the job:

1. If you are sure that you eat fat you eat (less food more activity). If you say anything else, but I can not give a meal to eat a small amount. Mainly fed more fruits and vegetables. Stay away from foods and animal fats.

2. Stop smoking. Because non-blood pressure, even if you have any disease, such as cholesterol can lead to heart attack.

3. Make at least half an hour walk every day on a regular basis. Because regular exercise is very important and necessary to protect your heart health.

4. Stop eating in the late evening hours. Late night food is a disaster. Because a full stomach or to be especially cause a heart attack triggered by unknown risk of cardiovascular disease.

5. If not, repeat your health checkups at least a year. 30 years old at least once a lipid panel, cholesterol, sugar and baktır of your blood fat. But the risk to your health if you do not expect to control the age of 30, act sooner. Never neglect your health checkups are over a certain age and use drugs regularly.