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What is cellulite?

What is cellulite?

The skin's connective tissue characterized by painful module creates epidermis te orange peel appearance, curved appearance is a problem. Women 80 - 95% 's was observed in three exceed my cellulite develops.

First exceed the circulatory disorders, vascular tissue of dollars to the water textures are painful and sensitive.

Edema is further worth noting that the second stage.

In the third phase accumulating in the tissue fat, water and salt molecules used by the organism and cellulite is located. Usually the body's legs, hips, knees beside the arms occurs in the upper part and the core unpasteurized.

Causes of Cellulite

1) Genetic factors

2) Hormones corrupted

3) Blood circulation corrupted

4) Connective tissue weakness

5) bad habits (diet, coffee, cola, alcohol, etc.)
6) Movement

7) Psychological factors

When Reveal?

1) Development of cases in the period 12%

2) the dignity of pregnancy 20%

3) before and after menopause dignity than 25% of

4)% of cases in all ages, 43 percent as

5) fat, normal or weak women are equally affected by cellulite skin

How to Measure Alala?

1) can prevent the leakage of the progress we have cellulite prevention and early in the first start of the second degree.

2) We should drink 1.5 liters of water per day appointed toxins accumulated in the body.

3) We need to consume low-calorie foods, magnesium stimulates metabolism, strengthens phosphorus and silicon tissues. White and red radish to take excess water in the body, parsley, celery, strawberries, grapefruit should be defeated.

4) sports need to do to eliminate disturbances in blood circulation, cellulite treatment, especially walking, tennis, swimming, doing sports, such as gymnastics is an effective end-ce stream.

5) 10 minutes per day with the help of a brush or gloves and circular movements towards the heart -la, hips, legs and arm massage. Accelerate blood circulation. You can also massage with ice cubes ice edema resolves. After the massage to eat your body by massaging the cellulite cream, for example: (grapefruit oil, clove, orange, mint, orange) yourself the mix oils from preparing the shower by, after the massage, you will see the benefits of daily use.

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This week I shared information with you to cellulite, known ahead of the summer we would urge you to take immediate action, because cellulite can not be destroyed as soon as possible, begin to take measures in the coming summer!