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Treatment Of Varicose Veins

Entering the needle into thin diameter of varicose veins is given this name to be given a drug concealer vessels. These drugs may be used in liquid or foam. Rather it is used in the treatment of superficial varicose veins. Inside the medicine causes veins to close in time affects strongly the thin tissue cover. Very thin veins 2 - 3 months, which is slightly thicker on the 4 - 6 months lost. Is completely lost? NO I DO NOT. Transactions made of density and thickness and leg veins found that on average 50% of the ground - would be 70 between image resolution. Less of? No 50% improvement is very good cosmetic result. Is this so? Say no. The second year, the treatments image recovery rate 80 - 90% Lara moves up. So the results are very good to go.
The patient's need to be patient. The image depends on the vascular conditions occur in the immediate improvement or want to wait many years will be incorrect.
During the process image is corrected immediately to an event we call vasospasm occurring. (Severe contraction of the vessel when the drug). This is followed in the video, or see the patient during treatment.
Injected into a vein in sclerotherapy agent illuminate the inner wall of the vessel and allows the vessel closure. This process is slightly lower compared with the closing rate of other vessels. Additional sessions in order to capture the ratio provided by others is required. In addition to the other methods in recent years also placed a catheter into a vein sclerotherapy accompanied by ultrasound and intravenous drug is given after broken. Becoming more attractive than others to this method. This also eliminated the need for local anesthesia in the last method.
However, it appears again the same vein with the passage of vasospasm. Only do these drugs therapeutic why the vessel can serve as a residue.
Cosmetic result of the slow process of job throws everything organism has lost its body functions begin in this way. After many months of slow processing time of these patients will be the destruction of the vessel. Cosmetic defects will descend slowly in the acceptable level.
Usually after a few months of the first session noticeably alleviated a lot of varicose veins.
The complaint of the patient in the treatment planning, examination and Doppler ultrasound findings are important. If you do not escape back to the blood in the veins in the patient and the patient's complaints are mainly cosmetic applications may be preferred by the laser application or injection sclerotherapy.
• prolonged sitting, though, to remain standing still though.
• Do not stand in the way laid on long legs.
• Heavy lifting.
• Drink plenty of water and avoid fast food.
• Be careful not to get weight.
• Use Varicose vein.
• Do not use high-heeled shoes.
• Do not wear very tight jeans.
• Do not bath with extremely hot water.
• Make Plenty of hiking, sport structure.
• Football, volleyball, walking instead of sports will allow you to make sudden movements such as basketball, choose sports such as jogging and swimming