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Skin Resurfacing With The Dermaroller Therapy

SPECIAL FEELING Specialist Hospital Department of Dermatology. Dr. ŞEFİKA DermaRoller BEK informs about skin treatment method.
Dermaroller is made of pure titanium on the 200 is a device having a first quality cylindrical needle. Methods include first place in DermaRoller nesters provide beauty in the world, is applied by moving the skin surface. Needles contacting the skin surface and is generally located in the lower dermis layer of skin problems seen (the deep substrate) opens micro channels. This sensing body starts self-renewal, wound microchannels. Our skin volume and the production of collagen and elastin fibers providing fullness is increased.
Moreover, with the help of cosmetics used this serum is provided largely open channels and absorption. In the old method, put cosmetics, this ratio is up to 400% when used in conjunction with DermaRoller while 3% penetration into the skin.
-Dermaroller The skin is perceived as temporary wound micro-channels, which was opened by the skin and skin-structure would have started the renewal process. This starts in the skin's natural anti-aging effects.
-Dermarol Treatment of skin, degree of soy, without burning the skin, collagen stimulation treatment is performed without damaging healthy tissue. There are no side effects. Safely applied at every skin type. Each season can be.
-Dermarol Is determined by the doctor depending on the number of skin treatment session. The application time of 30 minutes. Sessions range varies from 2-4 weeks.
A fine line and wrinkles,
-Volume Cracks in the (stretch marks),
In -Gözalt the bruises and the bag,
-Akn And in burn scars,
Your hair in loss
-Volume Is extremely effective in removing stains.
Dermaroller is also used in other parts of the body so that the body of the face and gives effective results.
- Provides increased the regeneration of the skin cells and keratin to the elderly.
- New collagen, elastin, fibronectin, provides anti-aging effect by increasing the hylaronik acid stimulation.
- Increases blood circulation.
- Allows to smooth the skin texture allowing the removal of dead cells from the skin.
- Can a methodology in all parts of the body.
- Increase the transition under the tissue of the products applied on the skin.
- Lines and wrinkles, cracks, formed scars of wounds and burns due, the striae, the spots, cellulite, enlarged pores, custody of bruises, which enable the treatment of baldness and hair loss.
- The considerable effects of aging on your skin freezes in time counted.
  DermaRoller is no age limit on skin care treatment. The system can be applied to all skin types. Average of 6 sessions of practice is sufficient, needed in cases of 6 to 10 sessions are organized continue the program.
Each roller personalized opens; applications can be a maximum of 10 sessions. If people have different needs continues to be a new circuit roles.