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Skin Care

ilter sunlight, adverse environmental conditions, long-term illness and drug use,
genetically modified foods, malnutrition, are worn by factors such as smoking.
The natural aging process, hormonal and genetic (familial), depending on such factors
continues throughout life. Over time the skin wrinkles, discoloration (yellowing, brown spots, fine red vascularization SMEs)
laxity and loss of elasticity is observed.
What are the Benefits of Skin Care?
Skin structure of the arrangement is a method of protecting against excessive dryness lubrication and similar problems to overcome.
It helps to slow the aging of the skin. By regulating the blood circulation and increases the excretion of dead skin is supportive of care administered at home. One of the common problems many women in black. Especially oily and the main cause of black spots that occur in large porous skin, nutrition and dirt accumulated on our skin during the day, oil and even makeup. Acne is an advanced stage of blackheads, so you need to get rid of black spots before they turn into acne treatment is that skin is cared for.
• Determination of the skin type and needs
• Cleaning; skin oils, cosmetic residues, etc.
• Peeling; to purify the skin of dead skin
• Steam aromatherapy, blood circulation activation, opening the pores, relaxation, softening
• Ozone vapor-ozone therapy; disinfecting, oil secretion editor
• Black spot, taking the oil button
• High frequency; disinfestation
• Mask; According to the needs of the skin of the face and eye mask, nutrition, moisture, tenderness
Cabin treatments according to your needs; lifting (tightening), acne, blemishes, sensitive skin, caviar, including the phytohormone, it will be determined by your doctor.
• Vacuum therapy; lymph drainage
• iontophoresis; serum implementation bulb, according to the needs of the skin
• Myolift; special care for mature skin
• Final massage; with a suitable cream
the results
• dead cells on the skin surface, makeup residue, dirt, oil is cleaned, renew cells.
• regained the lost moisture to the skin.
• Provides a better and more effective absorption of skin care products.
• closing the vitality of skin on skin surface staining of colors opens.
• balances the metabolism, improves the oxygenation of the skin.
• Moisture stores through pores.
• Lifting by tightening effect and provides a more youthful image.
• discarding the dead skin cells, leaving the skin surface of living cells helps
  This method will make the process of individuals and experts in selecting products, the environment of the transactions and instruments / devices need to make sure hygiene.
Our specialists offer you customized solutions according to your skin PRIVATE HOSPITAL FEELINGS.