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Regional Weight Loss (lumishape)

Much More from cavitation
Having a tight and toned body, and the right to wear the clothes we want to be happy for all of us when we look in the mirror.
In today's technology, it is now possible to get rid of excess bothers us when we look in the mirror.
Even a poor person a big belly, hand wheel or may have wide hips.
A disproportionate body weight is often not bothering.
The important thing is to have a proportional body and to get rid of the excess.
Form to have a body, sometimes you may have failed to sports and diet.
In addition, cellulite is a very woman's nightmare.
Cellulitis: the skin characterized by the appearance of orange peel and pitting, is a generic term describing the uneven appearance of the skin and fatty tissue. More common in women, often in the thighs, hips and abdominal skin in the subcutaneous fat tissue can be defined as regional metabolic disorders. However, it should not be confused with being overweight or obesity.
It is thought that there are many factors that cause cellulite
1) Genetic factors
        2) Hormones corrupted
        3) Blood circulation corrupted
        4) Connective tissue weakness
        5) bad habits (diet, coffee, cola, alcohol, etc.)
       6) Movement
       7) Psychological factors
Shaping the body with Lumishap
Lumishap device vacuum massage, mechanical massage, infrared optical energy and bi-polar system, which combines radiofrequency. There are four titles on the device. These Ones; under the eyes, face and neck, arms & legs are designed to make the application in the abdomen & back.
What a benefit such as Lumishap?
Lumishape infrared (IR) wavelength optical source through the epidermis (top layer of skin) to protect the skin by up to 5 mm deep (to the dermis) heats. Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF) is 5-15mm (oil layer) which provides a warm down there. The heat effect achieved by using the combination of IR and RF is higher than the effect to be provided by the single use of each. The passage of oxygen to the cells of the deep heat generated in the tissue increases the 2nd floor. Accelerated, especially rising oxygen concentration cell metabolism in fat cells. The Result; the volume of fat cells shrink, the number decreased, skin thinning and surface smoothness due to the increase in the regional lymphatic drainage.
What is the effect of vacuum massage?
Vacuum massage, cellulite in the region provides an increase in the expansion of blood vessels and blood circulation. Also to be closer to the target IR and RF vacuum effect and increase of treatment effect is achieved.
What is the effect of mechanical massage?
In cells with mechanical massage effect is easier to direct the lymphatic vessels of the accumulated liquid. Connective tissue is reduced due to the effect on the oil chamber in the hypodermis.
Is visible bruises or sagging skin after application?
Lumishap is very sensitive massaging device. Apply it does not create a soft massage thanks bruises. Depending on the elastic fibers in the skin does not cause damage, such as the hard massage sag. On the contrary relaxed skin tension seen in the structure.
What are the expected benefits from Lumishap application?
Dramatic improvement in cellulite appearance after treatment Lumishap seen. In addition, effective results are obtained due to the decrease in regional fat accumulation in the body shaping.
How long does a session of Lumishape?
According to the application made of the size takes about 45 minutes-1 hour.
Is there any pain felt during Lumishap application?
No I Do Not. Protecting the skin surface during application skin is heated to 40-42 degrees six. Lumishap, the most secure device that can have an impact on the depth of targets against the skin without causing damage.
Lumishap the application is made and which range from few sessions?
Face, eyes and neck in one session per week, a total of 10 sessions, including 2 sessions per week is applied in other regions.
When you start seeing the impact of Lumishape?
From the first session starts healing in body diameter and cellulite reduction.
With our professional friendly service, stylish and clean environment will ensure you have a pleasant body care.
Do not be late to stay young.