Urology Clinic

Urology is a medical field that involves the reproductive systems of males and females. Urology department of Duygu Hospital provides urological examination, diagnosis and treatment services for adults and pediatric patients, in a number of fields including routine procedures such as prostate and bladder TUR operations, invasive and non-invasive stone surgery .

It is common that to see urological diseases in older women and men. Duygu Hospital offer detailed Urology Check-up programs in order to be notified early.

Urology department undergoes examination and treatment in general about kidneys, urinary tracts, bladder, function problems, urinary retention problems, prostate, penis and testicular diseases, male venereal diseases, infertility, sexual function and reproductive disorders, urological cancers, child urology, and gynecologic urology .

Services in Urology Department


Doctor of Urology

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