Pediatrics Health and Diseases Clinic

About the Department


Duygu Hospital's Pediatric Health and Disease Service provides examination, treatment, and preventive health services; starting from new born babies, children, and to adolescents between 0-16 years old. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Baby Care Unit are sub-units of Pediatric Health and Disease Service.

In addition to assessing growth and development in patient examinations, important controls such as the application of vaccines, allergic skin tests, hearing and eye control are also carried out in collaboration with other units of the hospital.

Duygu Hospital's in-patient clinic is supported by nurses and health personnel for children who need to get in-patient treatment.


Services provided in Pediatrics Health and Diseases Department

 -Premature baby problems

· Newborn diseases (jaundice infection etc.)

· All necessary follow-up from the birth of our children and from time to time treatments

· Childhood chronic diseases

· Growth and puberty problems (excessive vomiting, menstrual irregularities, etc.)

· Metabolic bone diseases

· Gastrointestinal system complaints

· Iron deficiency and B12 deficiency anemia

· Childhood urinary tract diseases

· Bronchitis

· Pneumonia

· Tuberculosis


Department's Doctors of Pediatrics Health and Diseases

· Exp. Dr. Fethi Özbir

· Exp. Dr. Ayten Özer