Oral and Dental Health

About the Department

Oral and Dental Health Department in Duygu Hospital serves 24 hours of a day.

Oral and Dental Health Department is staffed with both dentist and orthodontist.

We can offer sedation (sedation) or general anesthesia treatment services in cooperation with our general anesthesia specialists for our adult and child patients in need.


Services provided at the Oral and Dental Department

· General anesthesia applications in oral and dental health care

· Bleaching (Tooth whitening)

· Bonding applications

· Detertraj (Dental cleaning)

· Tooth extraction

· Preventive Medicine

· Gingival graft applications

· Dust removal

· Aesthetic gingival leveling operations

· Fissure sealant and fluorine applications

· Bored 20-year-old teeth

· Smile design

· Implant supplements and prostheses

· Implantology (Application of tooth with screw to jaw bone)

· İnlay - onlay porcelain fillings

· Artificial aprons placed in place of missing tooth

· Cyst operations

· Composite fillings

· Lingual orthodontics (from the inner surface of the teeth)

· Porcelain curtains and bridges

· Porcelain or transparent brackets

· Retreatment (channel treatment dismantling and re-insertion)

· Sinus operations

· Full ceramic restorations

· Total and partial prosthesis

· Leaf porcelains (Laminate veneers)

· Zirconium porcelain

· Oral and dental care during pregnancy


Oral and Dental Health Department Doctors


· Yaren Keskin


· Seda Has